22 Creative Editorial Illustrations for Psychologies

It is 2020 and mental health issues are still not being taken seriously and that’s even sadder that there is little to no acknowledgement that these issues exist in the first place. We happen to read and hear news of individuals committing suicide on a daily basis, we work and hang out with people we know are going through rough phases of their lives but neither can we help them nor do they know where to seek help from.

Having no knowledge or information about things that badly impact our lives could result in serious consequences and it is about time that we start doing something about it at any level whatsoever so, that we can help ourselves as well as the people around us. It is a fact that people do not open themselves when it comes to their mental health problems because that makes them look like they are weak. That is so not the case because the ones who are dealing with a mental health problem are strong enough to deal with it on their own.

But the way we have been conditioned and the standards that our societies have set for us make us think that we are being judged – that too on something that is not in our control. Accepting that mental health issues exist and that they can mess up with a person’s mental and physical health is really important and we are glad that professionals around the globe are trying their best to help people face & fight back through consultation, therapy, exercise and medication.

For our today’s blog, we have picked this very interesting collection of creative editorial illustrations created by Andrea De Santis for Psychologies Magazine. All these illustrations are a portrayal of experiences Kim Morgan had with her clients and these creations were made to be put up in the magazine’s column.

So, you know how things work between a psychology professional and their clients – it is like an interview sort of a thing but the client is the one who is supposed to share their feelings and then they are evaluated, problems are recognized and issues are dealt with in a way that the solutions do not come as lessons or anything but as ways to deal with the inner demons.

We are not sure if you have ever been into therapy but what we do know is that there are questions and statements that do not leave your head and you asking or saying them until you find an answer by yourself or you just stop thinking about that thing. These questions can become scary if there is not stopping to them and then our own judgements worsen the situation like we are always thinking that we are not better and everyone else had their life sorted while we barely do anything productive in a day.

Or things like being anxious about your own self or feeling that the people who are around you might be talking about your hairstyle, making fun of your shoes or that wallet that is in your hands etc. and you keep on thinking such things based on assumptions because it is your head that plays with you and keep throwing random thoughts at you. These are all real problems and if not being taken care of, these thoughts can become a constant thing and you happen to lose your purpose, you become less focused and you just try to solve the puzzles on your own. Seeking help is important and becomes necessary if the thoughts are too powerful to stop you from getting away with random things, there are chances that you will become a slave of your own mind.

Keeping that in mind, all psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and consultants suggest ways and methods to help their clients fully understand the situations and then there are follow up sessions in which you can let the professionals know how you are feeling, how life is treating you since you have gotten a perspective through therapy etc. These illustrations exactly depict that and more and we absolutely love how we can relate to almost each one of them too so, let’s have a look at them!

You know you are a good person, someone who is not assertive enough to say no and that is depicted in one of the illustrations titled as: “I can’t say no”. “I didn’t realise I was bottling things up” is a depiction of how we keep things to ourselves, things that bother us or people who walk over us, but we do not tell them about it etc. This interesting illustration is a literal visual representation of our bottled-up feelings can take the best of us.

We can bet that all of us have been there where we ignored our own health, missed out on important family functions and hangouts because of this one thought or the pressure: “My job is all-important”. Now, we are not saying that you don’t have to take your job seriously but having a balance won’t hurt.

There are many more illustrations that we are adding in this blog, feel free to go through them and do share with you friends and colleagues – we are sure that all of you will have a great time viewing these creative editorial illustrations.

Credit: Andrea De Santis


22 Creative Editorial Illustrations for Psychologies

1. Everyone else is better than me


2. If I ignore it, it will go away


3. I can’t say no


4. I didn’t realise I was bottling things up


5. My job is all-important


6. I want to stop procrastinating


7. I want to live my dream


8. I need to take responsibility


9. I feel guilty about everything


10. I’m so stressed all the time


11. I can’t make myself heard


12. I can’t stop overthinking


13. Why am I my own worst enemy?


14. How can I be a true leader?


15. My family have fallen out


16. Hey! My boss is a narcissist


17. Why can’t I stick to my goal?


18. I need to make my business work


19. I need to toughen up


20. I keep choosing the wrong men


21. My old life has been destroyed


22. “I’m terrified of public speaking


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