20+ Decorative Halloween Pumpkins Assorted Sizes 2020 for Porch, Yard & Outdoor Décor

Hey there friends! We hope that you guys are having a great time reading our blogs and are also working on amazing design projects too. Earlier this week, we were going through our comments section and we are so glad to mention it here that you guys want us to share more décor ideas for your Halloween parties so here we are with our 20+ decorative assorted pumpkins for your porch, yard & outdoor so, let us get started!


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400+ Free Printable Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils, Patterns, Designs, Faces & Ideas for UK, Canada, USA

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In our previous blogs, we have talked about how you can decorate your house with the support of your family members and friends etc. but today we are taking you outside so that you can decorate your porch / yard for this year’s Halloween and we can bet that you will love it.

You must be wondering about the fact that we are literally doing a separate blog for porch, yard and outdoor décor but that is because what if you won’t be able to invite your friends and family members over or what if the ones you would love to have won’t be able to join you – for one reason or the other. Keeping in mind all the guidelines that we must follow in context of the Coronavirus, we feel that it is only wise to keep things and parties to yourself this year. Allow us to tell you how!

By making sure that the outdoor area of your house is well decorated especially in the times of Corona, you can not only spread a message of positivity for your neighbors etc. but you can also have a lot of fun in doing just that. From picking up the spots that you would want to decorate to allotting those spots pretty decoration items to getting right into the Halloween feels – we know that most of us are looking forward to it.

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There are chances that you might feel a little overwhelmed while doing all of this and more and trust us when we say this: not everything has to be perfect – not at least this year. So, our advice is that you do not beat yourself up too much about the décor, the food and other things for that matter. Get done with one task at a time and you will be able to throw a really nice party even if it is just for your immediate family members.

What we have got here for you guys is more than just beautiful and we are very excited to share the stuff with you. Starting with the soft white mini pumpkins; we know that you are going to get dozens of them mainly because they can be used literally everywhere. You can hang them around the pillars and on windows or you can make decorate your tables with these pumpkins. Interestingly, these are made of foam and you what that means? It means that they are super reliable and totally worth the money.

Our most favorite from 20+ decorative Halloween pumpkins assorted sizes 2020 for porch, yard & outdoor décor collection are the ones in the black and white colors. They are not only pretty but they will also add more to the theme too. Oh, and if you are planning to pick a non-conventional Halloween party theme this year, then you must get this package.

Moving on, we have also included artificial pumpkins for Halloween that are candles. Yes, we are that good and we needed to create a list of items that you won’t be able to resist – in every sense of the word. These super adorable assorted pumpkins must be placed on the window panes and do decorate your entrance with them too and we can guarantee that your guests are going to appreciate you like a hundred times. If you love glitter, then you will love the next package of assorted pumpkins that we are about to share with you guys. Each bag contains six extremely pretty pumpkins that are accessorized with glitter and their shine is so attractive that you might not want to get anything else but these tiny pumpkins for the décor.

We thought of adding swirls and marbled pumpkins to the list as well because they look equally attractive and with this package, you will be able to maintain a more sophisticated look & feel of your Halloween party. Another personal favorite set that we have included in this list is the velvet pumpkin set. Those are pretty, elegant and will also enhance the beauty of your casual Halloween party décor.

And there are many more assorted pumpkins sets and packages that you must check out right now. Don’t forget to add them to your cart too while you are at it as the stock is limited, you might not want to miss out on anything.

1. 18pcs Assorted Sizes Artificial White Pumpkins Set for Halloween Party Decoration

Buy from here



2. 12 pcs Artificial Pumpkin Decoration, Fake Mini Pumpkins for Decorations

Buy from here



3. 20pcs Artificial Pumpkins in 2 Sizes with 200pcs Fake Maple Leaves for Party Décor

Buy from here



4. Artificial Pumpkins for Decoration, 12PCS Mini Fake Pumpkins with 30PCS Lifelike Maple Leaves, Faux Pumpkins, Artificial Vegetables for Halloween 2020

Buy from here

Artificial-Pumpkins-for-Decoration,-12PCS-Mini-Fake-Pumpkins-with-30PCS-Lifelike-Maple-Leaves-Faux-Pumpkins-Artificial-Vegetables-for-Fall-Garland-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Decorations Artificial-Pumpkins-for-Decoration,-12PCS-Mini-Fake-Pumpkins-with-30PCS-Lifelike-Maple-Leaves-Faux-Pumpkins-Artificial-Vegetables-for-Fall-Garland-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Decorations-2


5. 24pcs Mixed Artificial Pumpkins Assorted Size and Color Harvest Pumpkins for Fall Halloween Holiday Decoration

Buy from here



6. 8pcs Artificial Pumpkin Assorted Size Harvest Off White Artificial Pumpkins with Fake Vegetables Ornaments for Halloween Party Decoration 2020

Buy from here



7. 8 Pcs Assorted Sizes Artificial Pumpkins 

Buy from here



8. Pack of 16 Artificial Realistic Fall Harvest Mini Pumpkins for Halloween Home Decoration

Buy from here



9. DomeStar Halloween Mini Artificial Pumpkins and Gourds Maple Leaves, Pine Cones and Acorns

Buy from here



10. Boston International Decorative Harvest Bag, Medium, Assortment

Buy from here



11. Nikki’s Knick Knacks 18 Piece Mini Fall Pumpkins and Gourds

Buy from here



12. 96Pcs Halloween Artificial Pumpkins Decoration, Mini Autumn Harvest Fake Pumpkins, Pine Cones, Maple Leaves, Acorns & Pomegranate Assorted Set

Buy from here



13. Artificial Pumpkins 12PCS Fake Artificial Velvet Small Pumpkins for Halloween

Buy from here



14. 32pcs Bulk Assorted Artificial Orange White Pumpkins 200pcs Fall Artificial Maple Leaves

Buy from here



15. Artificial Realistic Mini Pumpkins Small Beige Decorating Pumpkins for Halloween

Buy from here



16. Swirl and Marbled Pumpkin 5 x 4 Inch Assorted Glass Figurines Set of 3

Buy from here



17. Artificial Pumpkin Linen Pumpkin, Set of 12 Foam Pumpkins and 6 Linen Pumpkins 3 Measurements

Buy from here



18. Halloween Artificial Pumpkins, 6PCS 2 Sizes Faux Pumpkins

Buy from here



19. Artificial Pumpkins Home Decoration Set, Mixture of 50 Artificial Harvest Decoration, 30 Fake Maple Leaves + 10 Fake Acorns + 2 Fake Pine Cones + 8 Fake Pumpkins

Buy from here



20. 12 Pack Artificial Fruits, Realistic Fall Mini Artificial Pumpkins

Buy from here



21. Artificial White Pumpkins, Artificial Yellow Pumpkins, 22Pcs Small Artificial Lifelike Pumpkins

Buy from here



22. Artificial Pumpkins Home Decoration Set, Mixture of 166 Artificial Harvest Decoration, 100 Fake Maple Leaves + 48 Fake Acorns + 8 Fake Pinecones + 4 Fake Pumpkins + 6 Fake Gourds

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