Line Art Animal Logos 2020 by Mohamed ELdeeb

Hi there everybody! How’s your work life treating you? We hope that we are being helpful for your personal & commercial projects through our content and mock-up PSDs but for our today’s blog, we are going to be sharing something different and it is al about line art and how Mohamed ELdeeb creates animal logos using this very art so, let’s get started!

First things first, we would love to share everything about the line art so those of you who might be interested in pursuing it as a career can know a thing or two. Line art is one of the most interesting techniques that are used to create art. This falls in the genre of visual art and the best thing about line art is that in most cases, you can literally use just one line as your starting point that goes till the end – and the result is absolutely amazing.

Line art happens to give the artist a chance to use a plain background and create two dimensional and three dimensional objects. It is also important to note here that plain backgrounds are preferred for line art drawings as the art stands out more than it would ever stand out on a shaded or patterned background. Line art is amazing, and you will be happy to know that now more and more businesses are wanting to upgrade their logos to line art logos.

We would like to share some details that might help you in understanding the line art. This art goes back to almost 73,000 years and happens to have a legacy of its own. There are many great artists who created line art and delivered powerful imagery through it for example; Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer and Pablo Picasso etc. Art scholars mention that there are five lines in art which are listed below:

  • Curved
  • Diagonal
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Zigzag

Artists tend to incorporate the lines they feel comfortable with and then use their imagination and skills to further improve their drawings etc. In order to understand line art better, you must know that it is a way of creating an illusion that uses nothing complicated – just basic strokes that depict depth and form. These strokes are given weight using different angles to create the drawing. Another interesting fact about line art drawings is that when you are on it, you happen to evolve that part of your brain which does the creative thinking for you.

There are multiple types of line art for example the traditional – analog line art (woodblock and engraving also fall under this category of creating art), digital line art which is created using hardware tools like the stylus pen, brushes etc. and then there are software programs like Photoshop, Procreate, and Art Weaver that help you create your line art on the screen.

To master the line art drawings and sketching, you must also know that there are different approaches that you can take forward that will eventually become your style. By approaches we mean that you are free to adopt a free form approach that allows you to create whatever you would want to create through line art whereas; structured approach for the line art helps you design the entire process first and then you develop the art. It is more like a systematic approach and since you happen to work on the themes first and then the art itself, things feel to be more under control.

We know that creating art might feel like something that has to have a lot in the frame so that it looks full. But you will be surprised to know that line art literally works on the idea of less is more. We would love to throw this buzz word here for the sake of it to make more sense that the best approach for line art is to choose the minimalistic route. It is safe, it says more and trust us when we say this: you will fall in love with your imagination and results.

Mohamed ELdeeb is one such artist who absolutely loves what he creates and that is how it should be. And now is the time when we will start sharing his finest line art animal logos that will inspire you to work on your own in 2020. Starting from the Rabbit one – the finesse has impressed us, and we cannot stop looking at how neat this line art animal logo is.

In addition to this adorable rabbit logo, ELdeeb has also created line art of a rhino, rooster, chameleon, hedgehog, cat, and horse. But do you want to know which one of these logos is our favorite? The one that is a leaf and also a fish. Just look at the brilliant line art logo yourself and tell us what you think in the comments section down below! And while you are at it, do check out the butterfly & heart logo as well as the owl & lemon logo.

Line Art Animal Logos 2020 by Mohamed ELdeeb

Cat-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Rabbit-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Chameleon-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Hedgehog-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Horse-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020

Fish-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Rhino-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Butterfly-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Roster-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020 Owl-Outlined-Animal-Logo-2020

Credit: Mohamed ELdeeb


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