100+ Stunning Eye Make-up Art Creations

Hello there friends! We are back with yet another super interesting blog of ours and we can bet that you all are going to love it so much – especially if you are into make-up and creating art through make-up. But before we start talking about that, we would like to thank you guys for your constant support and positive feedback on our previous blogs and for your suggestions too. Know that we look forward to hearing from you to create and design better!

As you know that there is stuff many people do on daily basis by using very basic or ordinary things. It could be literally anything from a pieces of old newspapers to used nail polishes to even shoe laces, it is just that, that you have to have that eye to look at things and the imagination to visualize and then create something out of it. Oh, and if you think that it is too much work, then do not worry because it will come to you with the passage of time.

Since we absolutely love featuring artists and the amazing work that they produce using their skills and imagination, the artist that we are going to talk about and share the work of is a brilliant one too. Her name is Tal Peleg and she uses make-up to create art – art that you have never seen anywhere else. And the fact that she literally made her eyes the canvas is something we are super proud of.

Also, anyone who shares their work and creations out there on their social media platforms, websites etc. must know that we are their fans – it is because we know that there are many people out there who do not believe in the idea of sharing the knowledge or information they have with anyone who might benefit from it. Anyways, let us talk about Tal whose eyelids become a beautiful canvas when she incorporates her magical ideas into her make-up skills.

To create art regardless of its category and origin; the artist has to have inspirations. But it is also important to know that getting inspired does not happen just like that. You cannot go and sit in a closed room and think that this is it, this is how you are going to get inspired and ideas for your next big project. You have to let your brain work in any possible direction; you have to explore freely in order to end up with thoughts that will help you do your thing.

We happen to know a few people who limit themselves when it comes to brainstorming. For example; they are like their brain should work in one way, that it should only think about good & nice ideas, ideas and that it has to be neat and all. We will be honest with you guys and we are going to say it out loud that, that is not how it works. You have to go wild when it comes to thinking things and only then (ONLY THEN) you will be able to pick & choose what you want to pursue and what you want to drop.

For all the artists too, we have a feeling that most of them also think of great things and ideas and they feel really good about them as well but then they get confused if they should create art pieces or designs on them or if they should make them live. Because what if the world or the audience that they have does not think like them? What if they have people on their social media platforms that are going to leave mean comments under their posts? Or what if they will get attacked for something they may not have thought about. And that is when great ideas do not see light of the day.

We would like to encourage you all to think like there is no tomorrow, create art for yourself to see and be proud of and then you will get the confidence to own it too. Tal says that she gets her ideas from things that are around her, things that happen and things that exist, but we cannot see them. Her inspirations help her visualize scenes, characters and imagery and her eye lids become her canvas on which she happens to create stunningly beautiful art.

That is all for today! And as we leave you guys with Tal’s make-up creations, we would love to know which scenes etc. you liked the most from the 100+ stunning eye make-up art creations so, don’t forget to share that with us in the comments section down below. Also, feel free to let your friends know about Tal Peleg and remarkable make-up skills by introducing your friends to our blog.

Credit: Tal Peleg

100+ Stunning Eye Make-up Art Creations


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