“BUSY TIMES” Inspiring Paper Cut Art by Eiko Ojala

Hi there friends! We are back with yet another amazing blog of ours – featuring a brilliant artist and his remarkable paper cut illustration that he has created depicting our “busy lives” but before we move to the actual thing, allow us to thank you for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for liking our ideas so much. We feel so great to have you guys as our regular readers so, keep your feedback, suggestions and love coming our way!

We are going to ask you guys a few very simple questions but we also (kind of) know that responding to them might be a little difficult but here it goes: how many times, in a day, do you guys tell yourselves or your loved ones, colleagues, friends etc. that you won’t be able to do something because you are busy? How many plans do you guys cancel or postpone because well, you are busy? How many friends did you push away while you were busy, or you told them you were, but you weren’t?

Our lives (both personal and professional) have become problematic or maybe we have made it like that. We are almost always busy, but we still have a lot that has to be done – every single day. We think it would be safe to say that there still are a couple of pending tasks that you were supposed to get done & over with but well. And then there are other things like; meeting a friend over a cup of coffee or finalizing a pitch presentation. We know that we will respond with a ‘I am busy!’ and that would be it. Sadly, all of us are at as much at the receiving end as we tend to say it to people we know or work with.

Almost all of us are overworked and overburdened – some of us own it and have also normalized it too by ignoring the fact that we are humans and even if we do not meet anyone, we still owe a lot to our bodies. Such kind of behavior becomes normal when organizations hire a smaller number of people and expect them to do the work for at least two to three people. Employees think that the employers are putting so much trust in them so they must prove that they are super humans and can do anything and everything as long as they are associated with them.

And what happens is that we keep on doing stuff that makes us delay, postpone or even cancel without even realizing that we do deserve a break every now and then for our own sake as well as for the fact that our bodies do not start to ditch us with the passage of time. Eiko Ojala through his inspiring paper cut art has tried his best to depict the contrast between the world and how they expect the individuals to function and our own abilities to ensure that we keep doing what is expected from us. This not only becomes tiring to say the least, but we are also drifting away from the agenda that each moment must be spent wisely – for ourselves as well as for others too.

Whenever something happens good or bad or somewhat good and somewhat bad, our body reacts to it. We do something physically, we respond to the circumstances emotionally and there are chances that we will do things, say stuff and react / respond in a way that could be said and done in some other way. It is important for all of us to know and accept that no matter what (NO MATTER WHAT), our body in terms of physical activities and our brain in terms of mental activities have a limitation to them and if we are not going to respect that, we might fail ourselves in a way that it will become difficult for us to cope with the consequences such as physical illnesses and mental health related issues.

Quite a lot of times, it happens that our body does actions without asking for permission. Such actions are called involuntary actions and they are great in a way that they not only protect us from damages and accidents if we may say; but our body unwinds on its own too and we think that’s amazing. By literally taking a nap by planning one or by falling asleep just like that help us in waking up all fresh and happy. If we were to share our own experience, we would love to tell you guys that we do feel great especially after waking up from an unplanned nap. Maybe it is our body’s way of telling us to pause for a bit and then start over.

Through Eiko’s paper cut art, you will be able to relate to the illustrations and if you are one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, then we are sure that this art will resonate with you. Don’t forget to share these illustrations with your friends who must take a break from their hectic routine and help them feel better about it.

Source: Eiko Ojala

“BUSY TIMES” Inspiring Paper Cut Art by Eiko Ojala

Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6) Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6) Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6) Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6) Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6)

Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6) Inspiring-Paper-Cut-Art-by-Eiko-Ojala-(6)



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