30+ Exquisite Logotype, Monograms & Wordmarks by the King of Lettering Martin Schmetzer

Hey there everybody! We hope that your work life and life in general are treating you okay and that you are having a great time reading our blogs as well. Your interesting suggestions and positive feedback always help us work on a list of items for mock-up PSDs and design templates every week and we just want to say that you have got to keep your support coming our way so that we can create useful content & designs.

Our today’s blog does not accompany a mock-up PSD file or a design template but what we do have is something that you guys would love to read so, let us get started!

Logotypes happen to be one of those branding materials that can make or break a business and the sooner you understand it, the better it will be for yourself to work on a nice brand strategy as well as for your business too. Now, when we say that you need to work on a strategy that is kickass and can do wonders for your business, we do not mean weeks or months of planning things out because you can literally get done and over with a strategy in max. a day or two if you know how to do it.

So, for this part of our blog, we have planned to first help you all differentiate between a logo and a logotype and after that we will guide you through the process of creating a branding strategy for your business as well. In the latter part of our blog, we will share how Martin Schmetzer (King of lettering) does his thing by sharing not just 1 or 10 exquisite logotypes but 30+ of them so that you can take inspiration to make your own designs.

Alright so, a logo is literally that mark that represents a brand / business whereas; a logotype is a logo that has the company’s name or initials in it. Another thing that you need to know about logotypes is that they are also known as wordmarks or lettermarks and we hope that this will help you guys understand and know the difference better. In our daily life, we happen to consume a number of brands in one way or the other that have really nice logotypes which have also become their identity for example; Google, Coca Cola etc. And to be honest, we believe that logotypes are more engaging then the logomarks because they get to register more clearly in a consumer’s head than pictorial logos and symbols.

In order to create a powerful logo strategy for your business or just one brand at the moment, you must know what you are offering to your audience in the context of the product itself as well as the commitment and promise(s) that you are making as a business. Your values and vision will help you design a better branding strategy and you will also be able to deliver well. It is literally that simple and the key to get there is to stay focused while also keeping an eye on what your competition is doing so that you can do better than them.

Now, let’s talk about Martin Schmetzer who creates stunning logotypes for his clients that are working perfectly great for them and like we have mentioned it before as well, by going through these amazingly attractive logotypes, you all will be able to create masterpieces of your own as well so keep reading the blog for more!

Martin, a Sweden designer is known for his great lettering techniques and how he beautifully creates the designs and everything else. We would like to add this here that it is very important for every artist to keep mastering whatever they are pursuing so that they can be better at it. And every time you will end up with something that you do not quite like, you will feel motivated to make it better the next time, all you have to do is to never give up because that is when you will start losing your interest and that is not something that we would want to happen, you know.

If you are planning to create logotypes for your business or something that your client has asked you to create, you must first understand the objective of it as it will help you come up with styles and the way you would like to see the logotype as an end result. It is always a good idea to make at least two to three different versions of a design that you are creating so that you can present a variety to the decision makers. But the only way to do it in style and effectively is to trust the process and keep trying till you get it right.

We feel that now it is time for you to go through these 30+ stunning and exquisite logotype examples by Martin and allow them to teach you something new every time you view them.

Credit: Martin Schmetzer

30+ Exquisite Logotype Examples by the King of Lettering Martin Schmetzer



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