25+ Awe-Inspiring Victorian Logo Designs For Inspiration

Hi there, hello there! We hope that your work life is treating you fine and that you are also having a great time generally as well. Know that it is very important for any individual to take a break from their regular routines to unwind a little and that can be done in a number of ways like try picking up a new hobby even if it is for the time being or just relax and watch Netflix as much as you can while having your favorite desserts and we are sure that you will be able to get back to your tasks and life in general with a fresh mind.

Allow us to share what we have picked up for our today’s blog that is different from the usual content that we happen to share here and we can bet that you all won’t just love it but you will also be able to get tons of ideas for your upcoming design projects as well. We have created this amazing collection of Victorian Logotypes that were made by Mateusz Witczak, a Polish freelance graphic designer and artist in 2020 for his clients.

Mateusz has a really nice and impressive design portfolio and we are so glad that we came across his design projects that he has created for brands like; Nike, Gevalia, Philips, Brandbq and he has been working with world’s renowned agencies like BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Rethink Canada, Ignition Interactive, etc. It always feels awesome to see that creative people do not restrict themselves from working only in cities or countries they live in but they also expand their freelance businesses so that they can help people at large with their projects, tasks and so much more.

Now, the purpose of writing this blog and sharing it with you guys is to talk about the fact that how logos have that power in themselves to make a brand / business successful and the sooner a new business accepts this, the better because a logo is literally that first thing that gets to interact with your potential customers and clients on your behalf so, it is super important for you to make sure that your first impression is more than just nice.

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Graphic designers and artists, especially the ones who get to work on the brandings of businesses know that logo making is the most crucial part of the whole process. It has to be so good that the rest of the branding designs will find their place accordingly. And we think it is safe to say that even if your logo designs require you to work on them for days, you must never hesitate to do so because the hard work will pay off and you will see your business flourishing within months of being available in the market.

Another important thing that all business owners, brand managers as well as their creative agencies must keep in mind is to trust the process. What we are trying to say here is that do not keep things as if you would never change or revise them after rolling out as there are chances that you might have to revisit the designs and come up with something new to represent your business and going back to square one won’t harm you so be prepared and be ready to take the risks.

We feel that now it is time for us to share what Mateusz has created for his clients over the year of 2020 and how you can get inspired too by going through his awesome collection of logos and letters. So, Mateusz has worked for clients like tattoo studios, photographers, and a variety of other businesses like a seed bank and many more but the best thing about all his logos and designs is that they stand apart and are very attractive too.

It is interesting and we should mention it here that we found it a little too hard to take our eyes off of these designs and we can bet that you will experience the same and here is why: a good graphic designer knows how to keep the audiences engaged with their designs. The main objective is to grab the attention of the primary audience in a way that they also interact with the business as well and even if someone who sees at a business’s branding and does not have to do anything with it, the branding makes them spread the word within the circle that might use the products or services being offered by that very business.

We know that you guys would want to see your businesses make huge successes too and we know exactly how you can do it. Your first step was to be here on our blog and by going through these logos & letters, we know that you will create your own art works as well so, start doing it and let us know how it went for you all.

Credit: Mateusz Witczak

25+ Awe-Inspiring Victorian Logo Designs For Inspiration


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