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Hi there, hello there! Before we say anything, we would like to take this moment to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for also sharing our content, creative ideas and mock-ups with your favorite colleagues as well. Keep your positive thoughts coming our way as they motivate us to continue creating what we love to create. Let’s dive right in!

You must have read the name of our today’s blog and there are chances that you are wondering why we are talking about logos so much lately and there is a reason to it, well, there are many but let’s just keep it to the point – we have been doing a lot of logo design blogs recently as a number of new readers have started reading our content and we would like to share what we know with them so that they can create successful branding designs for their projects.

Keeping in mind that design trends change like every other trend in the world, in this part of our blog, we would love to share how many types of logos are there and what type suits best to a certain business category. The 7 different types of logos are;

  1. Emblems
  2. Wordmarks
  3. Mascot Logos
  4. Pictorial Marks
  5. Monogram Logos
  6. Combination Marks
  7. Abstract Logo Marks

We will start from the emblems first and how you can use them if you are planning to go for an emblem for your business. Since an emblem is a logo design that consists of a font that is inside a symbol or maybe an icon too, it looks more like a badge or a seal and that is the main reason why emblems are designed for and used by businesses that are educational institutions or any other government organization for that matter.

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On the other hand, wordmarks work well for new businesses because they of them being to the point and subtility and since wordmarks are font-based logos, you can easily stay there in your audience’s head for longer periods of time. You can take Google, Coca-Cola and VISA etc. as great examples of wordmark logos – they are catchy, they are memorable and have also created a really strong brand recognition as well.

Let’s talk about mascot logos now. If KFC’s logo has started to pop in your head, then you are right on spot and that is how you can too, gain recognition if you know how to execute a logo perfectly. So, mascot logos are basically illustration characters that also become spokespersons for the brands as well. These logos are colorful and often cartoonish to grab attention instantly and if you are a business that plans to cater to children or families then you must go for mascot logos for effective communication.

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Pictorial marks as the name suggests, are logo symbols that are based on icons for example; Twitter, Apple, etc. Pictorial marks are also called brand marks as well and rightly so because when you hear the name of a brand that has a pictorial mark for their branding designs, then that particular image will come to your mind. If the marks are made carefully, they become easy to recognize and to remember as well. If you are a new business, then you must wait for some time to go for a pictorial mark for your brand but if you have been in the market for years and now you would like to change something about how you appear in front of the audience, then you must experiment with a pictorial logo. Choose your image / icon wisely and you can also connect that image with a broader implication or a deeper meaning too.

Monogram logos are logos that have the brand’s initials in them. These logos are simple, noticeable and look nice as well because of how to the point they are. If you are a business with a long name, you would want to go for a monogram logo to make it easier for your audience and clients to remember you whereas; a combination mark can be a combination of wordmark, pictorial mark, abstract mark, lettermark or even a mascot. You, being the decision maker can decide the placements of the words and images for a combination mark. And if you are a clothing brand or a food chain, then you must go with a combination mark for your business.

Lastly, let’s have a look at what abstract marks are and then we will leave you guys with these stunning and professional logo designs for inspiration. So, an abstract mark is a logo that is not a concrete image or icon but it’s an abstract geometric form or a pictorial logo that represents your business. Through abstract marks, you can depict what your business believes in and will deliver in terms of services, commitments and values etc. A few examples are Pepsi, Nike and Adidas.

Feel free to go through the collection of the professional logos that have been created by Daniel Bodea, a Romanian logo designer. We’re sure that this blog and the logos will help you let your creative juices flow. Oh, and don’t forget to share which of these are your favorite down below!

Credit: Daniel Bodea / Kreatank

Professional Logo Designs 2021 For Inspiration


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