10 Tips To Take Stunning Photos | 50 Photogenic Examples

Who doesn’t love taking photos? We know we do and we can bet that most of you like to take photos of yourself, of the people around you or of the environment that you are in and we think nothing can beat this process of preserving memories for years, right? Also, hello there friends! Today, we are going to be talking about 10 effective tips that can help you take amazing photos all year long and we know that you are going to love all of them so, let us get started!

You must have heard the term ‘photogenic’ which is used for people who happen to have stunning photos of themselves. Although, most of the times, it is definitely nature that has done the job but these people also know their poses and best sides and angles really well and that is why they end up having Instagram-y photographs all the time. We get that, okay? But what we are about to share is something that almost all of us can get benefitted from. We need to know what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘photography’. Does it make you nervous or do you get super excited that you are going to get photographed and then you will be able to use the photos etc. as your profile photos or even to share them with your loved ones.

Now, if you get nervous, there are chances that you are not quite comfortable with the whole process of getting photographed but if you feel anything along the lines of not ending up with great photos, then there are a few things that you should know to help yourself feel great about this and yourself for example; you need to know that a stressed body won’t look nice in any of the photos no matter how expensive the equipment is or how talented a photographer is so, you really need to loosen up a little and be casual about being in the frame – unless it is a professional photo session.

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1. The Closer, The Badder

Always keep this in mind that whatever body part of yours is closer to the camera, it will look bigger so make sure that there is a safe distance between you and the camera to make things look the way they are.

2. Don’t Be Awkward

Another thing to keep in mind while posing for the camera is to never go empty handed in the frame; you can cross your arms if you want to and by doing so, you will ensure that the poses are not awkward.

3. Positive Energy

We would also like to mention this here that your energy will be visible in your photos, bring in positive energy into the frame by owning your body and style and you will see how your photos will turn out to be.

4. Improvise

Your size won’t matter but you need to elongate your body to make your photos look good so, don’t sit straight, show some kind of activity or simply elongate your body and you will be good to go.

5. Use Your Dress As A Prop

If you are wearing a dress, use it as a prop! You can throw it in the air and it will be beautifully captured focusing on the flare and you can also show your heels to enhance the beauty of your photos. Don’t stand straight, use your feet; in one step forward and one step backward pose.

6. Trick For Two

If you are planning to take couple photos or even if your friends etc. want to take photos with you, you must experiment with levels like not all of you should be standing. A few of you can sit on benches or chairs while the rest of you can stand – don’t stand still though, use your arms to pose.

7. Go Plain

If you are using some sort of background for your photos, then go for a plain one as it will help you with the editing as well and you can literally add anything and everything behind you in the background to make yourself pop out.

8. Control The Light

Sure, using studio lights and equipment make a huge difference when it comes to photography but try using natural light and you will be stunned to see the results. You will have control over it and you can use it as a prop too to make your photos stand out.

9. Be Expressive

Express yourself in your photos, it is important. You can change the expressions and mood as per the requirements of the shoot like serious and assertive for a corporate shoot while fun and all smiles for a brand shoot.

10. Make A Strategy For Visuals

Lastly, leave some space by tilting your body, by putting arms on your waist or on the hips or by put them inside the pockets of your coat, pants etc. as by doing so, you won’t be adding more substance to your body parts too and the photos will be all natural & beautiful.

And that’s all for today! We are sure that by following these tips you will be able to take amazing photos and when you do, don’t forget to share how it went in the comments section.


10 Tips To Take Stunning Photos | 50 Photogenic Examples



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