5 Best Color Schemes for Branding With Examples

Hello there everybody! Our today’s blog is our personal favorite and we just cannot wait to share how you can pick the best color schemes for your branding but before we start talking about what we have worked on, we would like to thank you all for you overwhelmingly positive response on our previous blogs and for also sharing them with the ones you love. We would like to encourage you guys to keep sending in your feedback and suggestions so that we can keep making what we love to make.

Okay so, branding is the first and the most important step for any brand and its business and no matter what the scale of the business is, you have got to have a branding strategy in order to keep moving in the right direction. We are sure that you must have seen new brands making waves when they spend huge amounts of money on their marketing and advertising and they do not hold back to pull stunts and gimmicks as well to make sure that they stay relevant but such planning can help you for a very short term goal and then most of the businesses happen to fail because you know, you cannot get everything even if you are spending money to get numbers on your digital and social platforms.

So what is it that can result in a branding so strong and impressive that no one would want to go to any other brand? Well, there are a number of things but for this blog, we are going to be focusing on the color schemes only and we will cover the other aspects with that; let’s dive right into that now!

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Your first step while working on the color schemes for branding is to understand why you are putting your business out there in the market. Keep asking yourself this question even after you have launched the brand; Who / What are you? as this will help you stay on the right track and you will be able to create strategies that matter, that will help you reach the right target audience and then you will take it forward. Here are a few things that you must know before you start working on the branding:

  • Know that with your branding designs and communication styles, you will be building a relationship with the people you might never meet but it the impression that matters. To create that emotional connect, you will have to cater to the needs & demands of those you are going to sell your products or services to.
  • Then comes the scale of your communication and we would suggest you to choose it wisely. Don’t be all over the place on any of your platforms, being minimalistic can help you grab the right person’s attention instantly so you might want to try doing that. Also, always choose quality over quantity; whether it’s words, design elements, number of services or products, be simple yet subtle and powerful.
  • For the color schemes, read up on the psychology of colors and see how your brands, products and everything else will be perceived. Make changes if you have to and only go live when you know that you have picked everything right.
  • Fonts and the tonality of the branding is as important as the colors so what you need to see is that everything that you pick for the branding has harmony in it. Whatever you put to display must be peaceful and not just for the audiences but for you as well and only then you will be able to put up a good show. So, if something does not feel right, change it, revise it and then see how that goes.
  • And while you are at it, list down the personality traits of the brand as well like feminine or masculine, luxurious or affordable, serious or playful etc.

In this part of our blog, we will share the 5 best color schemes that we think are perfect for branding and you can choose them for your design projects:

  • Blue and gold
  • Green and brown
  • Purple and yellow
  • Green, pink and yellow
  • Navy blue and light pink

You must be thinking how to know if the color schemes that we have mentioned above will work for the branding designs or not so, here is a simple solution to get you going: create mock-ups and make them for any and every type of design material that you might need in the future for example; from the corporate stationery items to in-door and out-door branding to literally putting those colors to brand a certain workplace and you will see how you are doing.

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Yes, it is that simple and effective and it will help you make an informed decision too. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on the color schemes for your branding from today and don’t forget to share how it went in the comments section.

1st Example for bakery, clothing & gourmet

Credit: Source


2nd Example for carpet, décor & art/design

Credit: Source


3rd Example for corporate business & business consultants

Credit: Source


4th Example for embroidery, art gallery, brokers or even clothing business

Credit: Source


5th Example for affiliate marketing, app creation, internet marketing or online business

Credit: Source


Bonus Color Scheme for construction, developers & Insurance companies

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