Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever

Hi there everybody! Thanks so much for your interesting suggestions and for your constructive feedback on our previous blogs and for also sharing our ideas and mock-up PSD files with your friends and favorite colleagues as well. Oh, and you know, we know that you are going to love this blog post of ours so much that we think the best approach is to dive right into it without any delays. So, today we are going to be talking about coolest sock packaging designs ever created by a bunch of really cool individuals. Let’s get started!

We don’t know about you but what we know about ourselves is that we love socks, we love looking at them, we love buying them, we even purchase a few pairs of socks every now and then to gift them to our friends, family members and colleagues. A pair of socks is such a comforting thing to have that we cannot begin to explain how amazing it feels to own a couple of really cute and soft pairs of socks that you can wear in-doors, or that you can also wear to work etc. too.

Oh, and did you know that the first pair of knitted socks was made somewhere in 1500 BC, it was found in Jutland (which has become a part of Denmark now). Socks are knitted and made for a number of purposes but the most basic one is to stay warm. In areas where the temperature can be super low at times, socks are considered to be extremely important and rightly so because they keep the feet covered and you will feel comfortable too. Another benefit of wearing socks at night time, while sleeping is that your socks will keep the blood circulating like it is supposed to circulate which minimizes the chances of getting heart attacks as well.

Now, we are talking to the ones who love socks as much as we do because we can bet that they get attracted to their packaging designs as well. There are so many sock companies in the world but not a lot of them go creative when it comes to the designs of the socks themselves or the packaging too. One of the reasons could be that, that not a lot of people think that socks can be funky and playful and if they are playful, they are for the kids to wear but that is not true. We are sure that you must have observed a certain shift in how individuals take their socks and the change is so refreshing that we could not resist sharing this blog and these super cool packaging designs with you all.

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2020 Socked is a design project of a group of enthusiastic designers who came up with this idea of creating attractive designs of pairs of socks and their packaging. Their idea is simple yet so engaging that you will be in awe of them. Since we all know that 2020 was a year that was hard on almost all of us and everyone took their time to gather the courage to stand up again and fight back but we also know that it was not easy and everyone took their time to make sure that they don’t lose it all.

To honor such brave people who are still hopeful and are looking forward to make 2021 a good year for them, we know that these sock packaging designs will bring them more hope and they will get the strength and the energy to continue doing whatever they are doing. We loved how interesting these designs of socks and their packaging are. From formal and business-y to sporty and fun to funky and hairy, they created them all to cater to the different demands of the audiences. Also, no one said that we should always wear dark and boring socks to work, okay? And there are no rules for adults not wearing funky and sporty socks so, if you get to buy a pair of socks or two that speaks to you and you know that it will complement your personality, then you must get those pairs immediately. (Hashtag No Regrets)

Let’s talk about what these group of designers from Munich, Germany has created for the sock packaging designs! As you can see that the color palettes are quite funky and welcoming. You do not get boring vibes from the designs and that is the best thing about them, to be honest. The designs of the socks look neat and subtle while the packaging designs are awarded names such as; Cross Stitch Lace-up, Buckle-up Sandals and Parallel Stitch Lace-up.

All the packaging designs are interactive and there is a beautifully written personal note inside them as well and we think that such approach towards socks and their packaging will help the businesses generate better revenues because they will be creating what their audiences require from them and that is the best strategy to grow any business, you know!

That’s a wrap for today! If you liked this blog & coolest sock packaging designs ever, do let us know down below.

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Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever

Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever

Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever Coolest Sock Packaging Designs Ever



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