Tons Of Unique & Attractive Logotypes & Logomarks For Inspiration

Hi there friends! We are back with yet another exciting and informative blog of ours and you all are going to love it as we will be sharing more than logotypes here to inspire you so that you can create your very own logotypes in the future. But before we start talking about that, we just want to thank you guys for your constant support and for also sharing our ideas and mock-up PSD files with your friends, your coworkers and with the people that you care for.

In order to make sure that all of you are benefitted from this blog like you are supposed to, we would first want to talk about the logotype, what it is, how you can use it for your design projects and how to pitch your designs to a potential client. So, keep reading this blog as it has all the points that you should know before you start working on your logotypes. In easy to understand words; a logotype is basically a logo that is literally the name of the business or company, the initials of the business or a person’s signature.

The design and branding team then work on ways to display that name / initials / signature in different styles and for that attractive design approaches are followed to grab an individual’s attention. A logotype is usually kept traditional and formal but if you think that modern approaches can complement the branding designs well, then you sure can create what you think will work best for your business(es).

Logotypes are important for the branding design of a business mainly because through your logotype, you actually start the process of having your brand seen and recognized. And we are sure that you know how important that is to keep the word spreading, to ensure the promotion of your business 24/7 and to do it in a way that the audiences feel attracted where they would want to know you in detail so that they can purchase your products, avail your services etc.

There are a few more advantages of creating and displaying logotypes for your businesses like:

  • Logotypes are considered to be one the best approaches for brand recognition as well as for creating awareness.
  • Logotypes help the businesses provide information about the company and whatever they are doing for the betterment of the masses.
  • With logotypes, you can make sure that there won’t be any confusions regarding your brand name because normally what happens is that similar logomarks, colors etc. get mixed up in a person’s mind and since they cannot recall the name of your brand, in confusion they might be generating revenues for your competitors.

Logotypes are also easier to use in every type of communication as well and it helps the brand team and the marketers to convey the message properly. And since logotypes are preferred by a number of big and small businesses all around the world, we wanted to share logotype designs to help you get inspired. All these logotypes are created by Bao T. Nguyen who is a USA based graphic designer. This super talented and skilled graphic designer has made tons of logotypes and all of them are unique and attractive – making the job easier for the business owners and their advertisers.

From catering to sport brands and weaponry companies to creation of logotypes for schools to automotive logotypes, Bao has created designs for a huge number of brands and businesses and we find it really amazing that the quality was maintained while also making sure that the businesses get to make the most of their logotype designs.

And this part of our blog, we will share a few tips that can help you create your very own logotypes and once we are done with that, we’ll leave you guys with these stunning logotypes for inspiration. Before you start creating the logotype(s) for a business, ensure that you have gotten enough insights that you can reflect through the design. You will also have to make sure that your first impression is so powerful that whatever you are going to share stays in the minds of your audiences.

Pick colors and create a palette that complements the brand and its communication. Feel free to take your time while choosing the colors because this step is crucial and you want to make a nice impression. Then pick the fonts – for this step, you will have to accept that what you are picking will set the tone of your future communication as well. Also, keep everything simple while ensuring the fact that it is impressive and lastly, keep your logotype design scalable so that you can use it for any and every type of communication that includes digital creative, billboards, prints ads etc.

That is all from us for today! We hope that your blog and these really tons of unique & attractive logotypes & logomarks for Inspiration will inspire you to make awesome designs for yourself.

Tons Of Unique & Attractive Logotypes For Inspiration

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