Free IKEA Workstation iMac Mockup PSD

Hi there, hello there! We are back with yet another exciting blog of ours and we know that you all are going to love it as well as it features a free IKEA workstation iMac mock-up PSD file. You can use this mock-up PSD for your personal and commercial level design projects to pitch workstation designs and more but before we formally start talking about how you can utilize this mock-up, we would like to take this moment to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for also sharing the content ideas with your favorite people too.

As most of you guys are associated with a number of organizations as their full time employees or as their freelance team members but the most important thing that you all require is a workstation, a place that not only allows you to keep your electronics etc. so that you can use them but you can also personalize your workstation as well. Also, during the months when the whole world was in quarantines, many organizations decided to shift their business models to work from home (WFH) model allowing their employees and team members to work in peace while making sure that they are safe too and that was when the workstations became popular and for the right reasons.

The IKEA workstation that you can see in our free mock-up PSD file displays a two-drawer table and a wide space to place your desktop computer or laptop. Interestingly, you can place your iMac on the table as well so, don’t worry about the space at all. You can also place your music accessories like speakers, handsfree, headphones etc. as well as your stationery items. This table is a compact one that won’t create a mess in the context of wires, and you will be able to put up a nice and clean show regarding your workstation. An ideal place for this workstation is with the wall and you can choose any wall in your room to make it a work corner for yourself.

Now, the reason why we created this free IKEA workstation iMac mock-up PSD is that we know that every day, graphic designers, developers, architects, interior designers etc. are supposed to create designs that they can sell to their clients and after getting a formal approval, the stuff can be manufactured properly. In order to make sure that nothing goes wrong, the best thing any creative designer can do is to work on the mock-ups first before having the products designed in real life. This practice not only allows the stakeholders to make as many revisions as they would want to see, but it also lets the creative juices flow which help the individuals end up with fun projects.

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Our free IKEA workstation iMac mock-up PSD file can be used for many design and development purposes by a number of professionals. For example; if you are an architect, and a client wants you to share a workstation idea with them, you can easily have this mock-up PSD edited as per the requirements of your client and share it with them so that they can give you a go ahead. The entire workstation space can be modified easily – you can even make it look like more of a thematic work area so that it looks more relevant, you know.

The special hole that is at the end of the table is cleverly designed to keep the mess away and you can use that as a selling point in front of your potential customers as well who like all things organized and clean. The drawers that are spacious can allow the user to keep their things safe, another good thing for the ones who like to hoard stationery items (this ain’t a call out though! ?). You can also use the same mock-up PSD file to showcase your upcoming mobile app or web designs as well on the iMac that stays on the table stylishly and it will also give out a really nice look too.

So, you see there are multiple things that you can design with just one mock-up PSD file without having to worry about anything. Also, as you know that we keep all our mock-up PSD files highly editable, we can bet that you will have a great time working on this design and here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow for more effective designs:

  • Focus on the item that you want to sell and make it prominent through your creative skills.
  • Keep the themes and design elements relevant so that everything is in harmony.
  • Create multiple design options to give your clients a chance to see things differently.
  • If need be, introduce different lighting settings as well so that the concerned person can visualize the designs in real life.

And that’s all for today! Get your hands on our free IKEA workstation iMac mock-up PSD file and start creating awesome designs right away.

Free IKEA Workstation iMac Mockup PSD

Free-IKEA-Workstation-iMac-Mockup-PSD-2 Free-IKEA-Workstation-iMac-Mockup-PSD-2

Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mockup Resolution: 3218 x 4000 px

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