Graphic Design Teacher’s Hilarious Roasts Go Viral

Hello their friends! Today, our blog does not have a deck of tips and tricks to offer or a free mock-up PSD file for that matter but what we do have to share is something you guys are going to love. Have you guys ever seen any of your class fellows getting roasted by a teacher who has had enough? Or that they were keeping things light, but the feedback turned out to be like a roast? Well we can recall multiple events during which our friends and us had to experience something similar too and honestly, the feedback that was brutally honest helped us getting our things straight.

Get where we are going? So, we came across this interesting content of a TikToker (Natasha Badger) who recorded the feedback of her graphic design teacher when he was going through the work that his students shared with him. Even his students say that although their teacher was a little harsh, but his words will help them learn their mistakes better and in future, they will make sure that they create designs etc. that are more meaningful and effective.

Interestingly, no student feels offended while their teacher roasts them because they feel that the roasting sessions actually make the classes fun and we think that is the best part of any criticism – that it makes you do better rather than to make you feel bad that you are doing something wrong. The teacher also made sure to mention it beforehand that whatever he will share as criticism is not being shared to embarrass anyone as he chose to keep the identities hidden but man, was he brutally honest and hilarious for that matter.

So, here is the thing: always remember that not everyone who shares their criticism with you are trying to ridicule you for the work that you have shared with them. They want you to create designs etc. that make sense to you so that you can roll them out in whatever way you would want to do that. Taking criticism as a part of the learning process is a skill and you can master it when you know how to take it – without feeling judged or criticized. For example; if someone in your college (a concerned body) asks you to make certain changes in an assignment, do it while also trying to learn that you are doing it to improve yourself.

Similarly, if you are working somewhere and your senior or immediate boss wants you to make a revision in a design, presentation, Excel Sheet etc., not only ask them how you can make it look better for your own personal knowledge, but also have the changes done as that is literally how you take criticism and feedback and ensure that your future work and assignments will be with less or zero errors. Although yes, we do know that there are multiple reasons why criticism is not taken the way it is supposed to be taken and that’s because the person who is sharing it does not know how to do it more politely and professionally.

For example; if you are being mean and if you want to insult the person all the while expecting them to be better work-wise the next time they come to your for feedback etc., you are not doing it the right way. If you are in the position of sharing some feedback and criticism, you need to analyze the situation first. Take into consideration the circumstances of the person whose assignments are under review – get to know if they had enough resources, knowledge and information to carry out the assignment and then share what you think can be revised. Sit with them, have a proper conversation and help them learn from their mistakes. Like this teacher did during his class. He made sure that he does not take the names but he used funny words to build his sentences like; ‘This looks like a pig nose but I like it.’ or ‘It mostly just looks like a butt when you fill in the letter B’ and he does not stop there. Keep reading the blog for more hilarious feedback of his on his students’ work!

Natasha’s graphic design teacher shares his feedback on one of the logos by saying; ‘This feels kinda like a logo for a corporation proudly polluting the environment.’ And to be honest, it does seem like that. Then he says; ‘It sorta just looks like the personification of a fart.’ And we are sure that when you will see the logo, you are going to say the same thing too. So, how about we leave you guys with these honest yet hilarious feedback of the graphic design teacher who probably had to take this route to let his students that they can be better designers if they are willing to pay more attention to their assignments.

Source: Boredpanda

Graphic Design Teacher’s Hilarious Roasts Go Viral


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