35 Inspiring Logo Design Ideas 2021 by Selim Ekmen

Hi there friends! We hope that you guys are keeping safe and that our super interesting blogs and free mock-up PSD are helping you work on creative campaigns for your personal and commercial design projects. Our today’s blog does not have a really cool mock-up PSD file to offer but what we do have is something that is going to get your creative juices flow and we know that you need that right now. So, without any further delays, let’s get started!

Since most of you guys are related to the marketing and advertising world, we are sure that you would know the importance and crucially of branding designs and how they impact a business’s growth. For any business to stay in the market till the end of time, it is important for the brand managers as well as their creative agency partners to understand that they need foolproof strategies covering all the fronts. And if one strategy does not work, a plan B has to be ready too at all times and only then you can ensure that you are a business that stands out in the crowd.

For any and every business, there are a couple of things that you must do and know before you make things go live (as in before you start selling your products or offering your services to the masses) like:

  • Doing a research on your target audience as well as on your business competitors
  • Finalizing the tonality and personality of your business by picking up your focus
  • Naming your business and creating an impressive tag line for it for the communication
  • Writing your slogan as well – if need be, that makes it easier for the businesses to communicate with their audiences in a better way
  • Choosing the look of your business / branding design – this includes fonts, colors as well as relevant design elements and imagery
  • Designing your branding materials (logo, content for conventional, digital and social media platforms, website design, advertising material, print as well as packaging)
  • Executing the branding material across the business – going live

That is how a normal and organized process of a branding design looks like and whatever the scale of your business is, always make sure that you follow all the above mentioned steps to ensure success and effectiveness of your branding and advertising campaigns.

We happen to know a bunch of business owners and brand managers who do not believe in the process of taking risks when it comes to redefining the brand strategies, communication strategies or even re-determining the target audiences. We would like to inform you all that if you do not have it in you to take risks, you won’t be able to succeed. Your competitors will take the lead by applying the latest trends and techniques for their business models and you, instead of making things work will eventually lose your clientele.

If you are wondering what we mean when we say be open to take risks if you are a business owner is, allow us to share that in detail. A business cannot and must not use the same communication strategies it was using five years ago. Why? Because your audiences are growing older, the world is becoming too digital and the attention span is becoming shorter. Anything modern and unique that attracts a person will become their new favorite in a matter of seconds and if your business is not keeping up with whatever is happening in the city, country or in the world, then you won’t be able to entertain your existing customers for too long nor would you be able to gain new customers.

Understand customer retention is important as well as gaining new customers to keep moving in the forward direction. The branding design tips and carefully curated logos that we share through our blog are worked on to inspire you like this inspiring logo collection by Selim Ekmen. He is a Turkey based visual designer who designs impressive logos for his clients (full time and freelance).

The logo collection that you are about to view has a variety of logos that were created for different types of businesses but one thing that remains the same about these logo designs is the element of effectiveness. You can spend millions of dollars on something and it can still if it does not have a purpose to serve and you can spend carefully on a meaningful branding design, and you will be able to take your business to where it is supposed to be.

We would like to encourage you guys to go through this inspiring logo collection by Selim Ekmen in detail so that you cannot only get inspired, but you can also initiate your own design process as well. Go on, start creating powerful logo designs and when you do, don’t forget to share how it went in the comments section!

35 Inspiring Logo Design Ideas by Selim Ekmen



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