Mind Blowing Lettering & Logotype Examples by Finn Reville (Part 2)

Hi there friends! As you have already read the name of our blog, we can tell that you all must be super excited to go through our brand new content piece of mind blowing lettering and logotype examples by Finn Reville. Before we begin, we would like to thank you all for your constructive feedback and for your interesting suggestions and for also making sure that your friends and family members are reading our blogs as well.

For those who would want to know more about lettering and logotype; this part of the blog is dedicated to you guys! Read this more than once if need be to understand the art of lettering better and how you can use it to create logotypes for your upcoming design projects. As per Google; lettering is an umbrella term that covers the art of drawing letters. Now, pay attention to that part of the sentence, when you create something through lettering, you do not simply write the letters, you draw them. Each letter acts as an illustration and adds more to the overall composition of the word, phrase or quote for that matter.

Lettering is preferred by many illustrators mainly because of how unique the designs and art works can be when you create them for a logo or for any other branding – those designs belong to you and only you giving you the liberty to own them till the eternity of time. In addition to that, the uniqueness is what attracts the audiences. As you know that everything is becoming more and more modern almost every day, techniques of creating art and designs are being modified, technology is becoming advanced and the audiences want to see things that they can relate to. They love to see content that they can share with their friends and family members and to make that happen, you, as a business will have to keep up with the latest trends.

Now, allow us to share who Finn Reville is and what you can learn from his lettering in this blog! Finn is based in Kirov, Russian Federation and is trying out the different techniques of lettering in different styles for example; vintage lettering, calligraphy, Russian Vyaz etc. He has multiple projects on Behance and the best part is that he gets the appreciation that he deserves.

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It is very important for every artist to know and understand how they want to take their art and skills forward. You must know or develop your styles with the passage of time so that you can hold on to the techniques that you have been applying to create art and designs. Also, always remember that getting pro at a certain skill takes time but more than that, it requires patience. If you are one of those people who get bored easily, then we would suggest you take things slowly. Maybe one letter at a time if a word or phrase seems too much and you will find your way out skillfully as well.

To start the process of lettering in order to not only learn it but also to create lettering designs in the future, you must have relevant tools (here, we are talking about both ink and paper based as well as digital lettering). Because with the required tools, you will be able to craft the letters in a better way. The collection of lettering and logotype examples that we have included in this blog were created by Finn as he wanted to challenge himself so that he could work on a different and new direction and as a result, he wanted to end up with a contrasting and attractive style for each the inscriptions that were designed. These letterings are a mix of minimal and vintage calligraphy, Victorian lettering as well as detailed lettering.

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Finn has created the lettering designs on order as well as on the ideas that came to his mind and we are impressed to see such finesse and detailing in everything that he has created. Each lettering and logotype are a masterpiece in itself and all of them are so fresh and unique that you will have to sit for a while to view them all properly.

That is all for today! We hope that these mind blowing lettering & logotype examples by Finn Reville will let your creative juices flow and you will also be able to create pretty designs for yourself as well. And like we have mentioned this earlier as well, patience is key to ensure the success of everything so just be patient with whatever you start or create, and you will get there where you want yourself to be. We will conclude this now but you don’t forget to tell us which lettering and logotype examples you liked the most in the comments section down below.

Credit: Finn Reville

Mind Blowing Lettering & Logotype Examples by Finn Reville

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