Why Is Dedication Important In Teamwork?

In the past, people usually tried to find a single occupation and workplace for their entire life. Of course, sometimes the circumstances simply left no choice, but most workers preferred to not switch jobs because of the stability they were used to and the complications changes could bring.

But the world has changed since then. Today, dedication is a rare quality. That’s because employees are much less likely to remain in the same position for long. It’s a common thing among youth to change workplaces often, even a few times per year sometimes. It may not seem right, but their reasons are understandable.

Young people are just trying to find their place in this world, and switch jobs to find that perfect spot. Also, the diversity of the market today only encourages them to try out all the different occupations and crafts.

That’s why countless companies, especially in the IT-sphere, stopped looking for employers and switched to a dedicated development team model. They’re much easier to handle, as you just need to find a service that provides you with professionals that will do the job. Dedicated development teams drive success to countless businesses nowadays. No wonder, as the benefits they bring are numerous, with probably just a few minor neglectable downsides.

And as seen in the name of this model, such teams are fully dedicated to a project they’re working on. Of course, it’s temporary most of the time, as they change projects every few months or years. It depends on the complexity and the size, which determine the time needed for the development team to finish it. So, let’s take such dedicated developers as an example and learn about the role this quality plays in teamwork.



Long-term Investment

When employers hire you, they don’t see a person. In most cases, you’re seen as a long-term investment. A resource, that will be useful for a long time, and that can be upgraded. If the job-givers notice your ambitions and abilities, they will invest efforts and money into you, to increase efficiency.

It may sound a bit harsh and un-humane, but it’s really not. It’s just that everything in the business world is calculated with only one goal in mind – to gain profits. Individual qualities are important, but if they’re not useful for the company – nobody will pay much attention to them. And that’s exactly where dedication will pave your path to success. Because being dedicated means that you’ll be ready to take on a  new task, even if the concept is completely new. It will fuel your learning process and ensure the efficiency and the will to continue.

In a team where everyone works on one common project, it’s a crucial quality to have. If every member is dedicated to their task, it ensures the quality of the end product. It also minimizes potential risks during the process and enhances efficiency.

And in the end, everyone will probably realize how many new skills and knowledge they gained. That’s because being dedicated means not giving up when facing hardships, adapting to the circumstances, and developing yourself to overcome the current challenge. It positively affects one’s mindset, and also makes them a more valuable asset in the company.

Here’s a list of some qualities and skills that dedication helps to develop:

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Work ethic
  • Positivity
  • Self-awareness
  • Determination
  • Resourcefulness


Guaranteed Stability

Team members that don’t enjoy working on the current project usually perform worse than the ones that are fully dedicated. It’s a very simple thing to understand, but it’s also often overlooked by the managers. Sadly enough, they think about efficiency in numbers only and forget about the importance of the members’ wellbeing.

Right, it’s business, everything is labeled with numbers here. But forgetting about the personal qualities of your team members and neglecting their opinions leads to a lack of dedication. It can decrease the efficiency and even put the work on a hold sometimes.

However, if a manager communicates with workers often and values their thoughts, they become more loyal. It’s because they simply feel more appreciated and engaged in the process. And the will to work on something, along with professional abilities, ensure the stability of the performance.


Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Most of us didn’t enjoy going to school for many different reasons. Yet, some students were successful in everything they did, from basic math skills to sports. That’s because they were dedicated to whatever task they had in front of them.

Just like said before, it fueled their will to continue, and eventually became the reason such students were successful. It’s the same when you grow up – if you’re dedicated, you’ll be able to cope with anything life presents you with. And in teamwork, this readiness to any unexpected hardships means that the team won’t suffer from “hitches” in any process.


The Hardships

Of course, dedication would be very common nowadays if it wasn’t for the challenges it brings.

First of all, becoming dedicated often means neglecting personal preferences from time to time. Different people value different things, and when working in a team, sometimes it’s needed to agree with other’s views on particular concepts. Otherwise, there will be communication issues and a decrease in performance.

Secondly, sometimes people are overly dedicated to something. Don’t get it wrong, putting your whole self into something is good. But one must remain aware of the circumstances they put themselves into, and the things they invest time and efforts into. Because committing to unworthy things is never a good thing.

You just waste your own precious resources, that could be invested into something more “beneficial”. It often ends up in a bad way, because people put a lot of effort into something and consider it a huge achievement, even if they completely forgot about the main goal and just wasted all the effort on something unimportant.


Final Words

As you can see, dedication is a must-have quality for every professional team member. It ensures the efficiency of the working process and helps people to develop themselves personally. Also, it makes one a very strong individual who’s ready to face any challenges. And this quality alone makes you a much more valuable part of the team.



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