120 Cool Hand Lettering Typography Posters by Risa Rodil

Hello there friends! We hope that your work life is treating you well and that you are also making the most of our free mock-up PSD files and design templates. Today, we are focusing on hand lettering and we will also share an amazing collection by a super awesome hand lettering artist too but before we do that, we would like to take this moment to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for also sharing our content with your friends and favorite colleagues as well. Keep doing that and we will continue to share what we are great at.

If you are new to this amazing and creative world of hand lettering, we would love to cover the basics for you first so hand-lettering is basically an art of drawing letters instead of writing them in a fancy way like artists do when they calligraph text etc. and that is like the major difference between hand lettering and calligraphy. So, what happens when you aim to hand letter a text is that you need to think of creative and relevant ways to create and draw the letters – it could be just one word or a phrase, a sentence or may be a lot of them and the artists carefully think of as many ways to draw the letters that they can in order to create their art pieces.

We have shared this thing many times in our previous blogs as well and we are about to share it here again that whenever you plan to learn a new skill or want to master an art, you must also accept the fact that your first few attempts won’t be as good as you would want them to be – there are chances that they would be mediocre or something that can make you stop doing that thing altogether but that does not mean that you have to abandon the process of learning. Because that is how it works; you want to do something new, you have gotta give it some time too otherwise what’s the point, you know!?

For both conventional and digital hand letterings, you must make sure that you have the right tools too. Now, we are not asking you to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing those tools and digital accessories right away but what we are suggesting is that you get the basic tools first, practice your hearts out and when you are done; you can invest in getting more stuff that will help you create even better art pieces.

Also, yes, we do know that not everyone can learn something instantly – this process of learning something new not only requires your time but you must also know that it requires efforts, and commitment too. So, while you start to spend money on getting the right tools, you must also search for artists on the internet especially on YouTube, Instagram as well as on Behance and get to know how they started doing what you are looking for. You will not only be able to check out their cool tricks, but you will also be able to acquaint yourselves with the terms, styles and other relevant things as well that you might not be able to learn from anywhere else.

What we love about most of the artists around the globe is that they are very welcoming when it comes to answering questions and sharing what they know, with their audiences. And we think this is how it should be because that is literally how the knowledge and knowing about things get spread and more and more people start making this world a more creative place. The artist that we are featuring in this blog of ours is one of those people who did not hide her art pieces from the word, but put them out there so that she can inspire others while also enabling them to challenge their potential and do something that they can do but need that push to finally do it.

Risa Rodil lives in Manila, Philippines and has created hundreds of hand lettering projects for herself as well as for her clients and that’s not it – she shares them on her Behance profile as well and it’s her way of giving it back to the society at a personal level. From cute to sophisticated, fun to mature, casual to serious, Rosa has created almost everything any hand lettering artist would love to view and take inspiration from and we would encourage you all to take your time to go through all of it and you will see how beautifully Risa has created everything.

That is all from our end, you guys! We hope that you will not only have a look at this amazing artist’s amazing art, but that you will also share this blog within your circle as well. Oh, and don’t forget to share which is your most favorite artwork from Risa’s hand lettering collection.

Credit: Risa Rodil

120 Cool Hand Lettering Posters by Risa Rodil



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