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Hello there everybody! We are super excited to share our today’s blog with you guys and we are hoping that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed going through this fun and creative reading project; ‘Read on the tram’. Before we share the details of the project with you, we would like to thank you all for liking our previous blogs. With your constant support and feedback, we will be coming back with useful and fun content with you in the future too.

Let us talk about this interesting reading project that was designed by two individuals who have always been passionate about reading. The credit of this project definitely goes to the place where they were born and raised; Buenos Aires; a city that has multiple libraries and bookstores and the best part about the people is that they celebrate the tradition of book reading so, when there are so many book places around you, you are bound to not only read them but you also get to indulge in the experience too.

After reading up on ‘Read on the tram’, we realized that there are two types of people in the world; one who take books with themselves when they are traveling so that they can enjoy two experiences at a time and then there are people who allow other people to enjoy the same thing. Imagine taking a break from your smart devices only to get back to those things that can bring peace to our soul and if you are a book reader, then we are sure that you would know how peaceful it is to be with your favorite book or a new one for that matter that you are about to start while you get on a plane, a bus, or even on a tram for that matter.

Trams are not made and used for hour-long traveling plans; these are for rapid traveling from one stop to the other in the same city most of the time with big glass windows and you can literally enjoy each and everything if you want to, the sights, the regular life of people that are there on the streets, cats and dogs roaming around, sweet raindrops drizzling from the sky and so much more – it is an experience for the ones who know and appreciate the simplicity of life. Since tram traveling is not for hours and hours, the reading material that was supposed to be there for the passengers should be of the same duration as of the route, right?

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And isn’t it great that the ones who came up with the ‘Read on the tram’ idea knew what they are doing when they carefully picked the literature that complements the journey? Oh, we can bet that this is a one-of-a-kind experience, and moving heaven for the book lovers. From picking the relevant writers and poets to choosing what text should be dedicated for the ‘Read on the tram’ project to even making this a complete package for everyone who would want to get this zine for themselves is something that we are still in awe of these people.

So, every zine package has fun-size reading material including quotations, paragraphs, etc. stickers and a postcard nicely packed in a beautiful envelope. That is not all, you will also find a poster of the author in the center of the zine that you can hang somewhere in your room or office. Interestingly; the poster does not reveal the entire face of the author so that whoever would look at it, would want to read up on them and we think that is another powerful technique to encourage people to go back to the books, the authors whose ideas shaped us and who did great when they were writing whatever they were writing. Sure, most of them were heartbroken, then there were some who would get drunk to come up with their literature ideas and more but well, we can all agree that whatever they wrote has been given a rebirth through this project.

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So, while you would be reading up more on the authors whose zine you got for yourself, you can also send the postcard to someone you love in order to encourage them to read up on the same author too, you know and that is how you will be able to take this project to the next level as well – by creating a word of mouth and by also making sure that you made your relationship with someone even stronger when you thought of the whole reading a certain author.

That is all, folks! If you liked reading this blog, do let us know in the comments section and also share your requests too so that we can come back with the designs and ideas in our upcoming blogs.

Credit: Multiple Owners

‘Read On The Tram’ | A Creative Reading Project



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