Free Rectangle Shape Wall Mounted Signage Mockup PSD

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Creating signage is one of the most exciting things to do and if you are like us who enjoy their work; then we think it is safe to say that the best of the designs are the ones that revolve around signage of businesses and companies. Whenever we are working on something that is directly related to the promotion of a business, we have to make sure that this thing will be able to achieve the goals that it is supposed to achieve. For example; the main purpose of putting up a banner, a fascia, a signboard is to basically let the targeted audiences know that a certain brand is available for them to purchase its products. And if there is something wrong with the signage, not a lot of people would be interested in stepping in the shop – no matter how expensive it looks from the outside.

We are sure that you would know how businesses/companies happen to make mistakes but only those can survive who know how to fix those issues. Putting up huge billboards does not always work if you are unable to deliver the right message and at times, the best of the messages are those that can be sent out through basic yet impactful signage or other promotional material for that matter. It is important for you to know what signage to go for before you start working on the ideation and eventually the creation of your promotional designs.

In this blog of ours, we have chosen wall-mounted signage that not only looks stylish and classy, but it works well for small shops, chic cafes, etc. Allow us to share how you can use our free wall-mounted signage mock-up PSD file for your own business or for the one that you are working with. First things first; you need to devise a strategy that can reflect the personality of the business through your signage. For example, if you are working on creating wall-mounted signage for a pastry shop, then you will have to make it look artsy and appealing so that more and more people can feel attracted to it.

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Secondly; you have to make sure that you are putting up your wall-mounted signage at a prominent place so that people can see it even from a distance. Also, keep in mind the daylight in mind as well when you are choosing the right place for the signage as light plays an important role in making the signage more or less visible. Another thing that you will have to work on and think through is to choose the right font(s) and style so that the signage is easier to read. Oh, and while we are at it, we would also like to mention this here that we know that you might want to be a little fancy when you are thinking of the business names, but when it comes to signage, we have to think of the readability too, we have to consider the fact that the business name should be accessible to all the people, it does not have to sound something difficult to say or pronounce because if someone can’t say the brand name, there are chances that they might not want to be there at your shop too.

As you know that colors play a crucial role in all kinds of signage designs, you will have to get your hands on the basic facts of color psychology as well and you will see that by choosing the right shade and hues, you are actually getting people to notice whatever you have put up there as the signage. Dark colors that are hard on the eyes won’t bring you any good so go for playful but relevant colors that are easy on the eyes and that also reflect what you are trying to offer and sell.

And of course, you must also create at least 2 to 3 different versions of mockup designs that you can share or present to the concerned team members / decision makers in order to help them decide how things will look like in real life along with a concrete rationale to back your thought process.

That’s all for today! We will see you guys next time with something more fun to work on – until then, keep creating attractive and effective designs.

Free Rectangle Shape Wall Mounted Signage Mockup PSD


Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mockup Resolution: 3456 x 2592 px

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