25 Arabic Typography Logos for Inspiration

Hi there everybody! We hope that you all are keeping safe and that our very unique and interesting blogs keep you hooked so that you can create amazing things for yourself as well as for your clients. Keeping in mind that you guys love to read and know better regarding typography and everything that you can create with that, we wanted to share Arabic typography logos with you guys that will definitely inspire you to make something in the near future so, without any further delays, let’s get started!

Typography goes way back in time and as per the historians, it can be dated back to the 11th century in China by Bi Sheng (990-1051). As we all know that with the help of digital art and tools; things have become so much easier for literally everyone but when these things were not there, the artists, through their limited tools ad exposure, made beautiful art even in those times as well. Also, maybe you won’t be able to relate with what the old artists have produced from time to time but you can still go through the conventional methods and art pieces that are there to see how things we like in those days. And we can bet that you will be surprised to see beautiful artworks.

As much as we love how people in the olden age made the most of their traditional knowledge and skills, we are so glad that things have progressed so much that you can not only get to learn modern and new techniques online, but you can also create it with ease too and if you are someone who is a born creative then things become super easy – you just have to sit down at your work desk, execute the action plan that you have worked on and then it’s you and your gadgets that will help you create what you wish to create. Same goes for the actual typography too; you just have to know how to use your mediums, markers and brushes and great things will happen just like that.

We know that Arabic typography might not be something for each one of you but those who like to experiment with newer techniques and ideas would love to go through these stunning typography logos in Arabic created by Serag Basel who’s a Muslim art director and works as a freelancer for the clients. The main idea behind sharing these attractive and effective logos is to help your creative juices flow in the right direction so, when you get to work on a project that involves Arabic typography and logo designs, then you would know how and where to start the creative thought process as well.

It becomes easier when there is someone who can guide you, right? Everything that you want to know about, you can ask that person directly and they will help you understand anything and everything but when there are artists, logo designers, graphic designers, art directors and other people who take out the time to share their art with you, that is when you know that you will be able to learn so much more and will create superb designs and artworks eventually. And that is why we love how great people make the most of Behance and share their creativity with the world to inspire other people, to train them, to make them get to know and implement techniques and more.

Serag is no different when it comes to sharing his designs and typography logos with his followers and people in general and that is why we worked on an extensive collection of his designed typography logos in Arabic that can help you think through the process. Sometimes, we need a little push to create something different and we are sure that Serag will inspire you in every sense of the word.

Artists/designers/creators can become the best in their respective fields if they keep working on multiple categories and do not restrict themselves to certain brands or techniques because otherwise, their work will be nothing but monotonous. When we were first going through Serag’s Arabic typography logos, we were so happy to notice that he has worked on different brands from travel companies to cafes, to restaurants and pharmacies that his work stands apart from the crowd.

There are a few things that you can follow to create typography as a beginner too for example; when you have learned the basics about the art, work on your kerning and also focus on your fonts too because you will communicate through them. You need to align everything that you are putting out there and while you are at it, make sure that the size is nice too. Once you have acquainted yourself with the basic techniques, inspirations like the ones we are sharing in this blog will help you create your very own typography logos in no time.

Credit: serag basel™

25 Arabic Typography Logos for Inspiration


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