Beautiful Logos & Lettering For Inspiration

Hi there friends! We hope that your work life is treating you well and that you are able to make the most of our free mock-up PSD files and content ideas that we share here with all of you. Our today’s blog is going to be an exciting one mainly because we have beautiful logos and lettering pieces to share with you guys but in addition to that we will also share a couple of design tips with you so that you can create your own logos and lettering art for yourself. We would like to encourage you to make sure that whatever you learn from this blog, you will pass it on to your friends and favorite colleagues as well.

If you are one of our regular readers, you would know how much we love working on branding designs and that we have shared multiple content pieces on just that so that you can work on your branding and also make your clients’ businesses work too. Always remember that no matter how hard it can get for you to design a logo or how many hours you have to spend on getting it finalized, it will always be worth it. You know why? Well, it’s simple; everything that you are putting into making your logo design will make it powerful and effective and that is what you want, right? What we mean to say is that never shy away from spending half an hour more on making sure that what you are making is on point, fulfills the criteria of a perfect logo and also helps you meet your marketing and advertising goals as well.

In addition to making a logo, you must also know a couple of other techniques too that you can use to make your logo even more fun & attractive. Many graphic and logo designers experiment with design elements and techniques as well as trends to see what can work for their brands or the ones that they are working with and we feel that lettering tops the list of all the trends that are there and here is why: lettering brings out the best aspects of your business that you might not be able to reflect otherwise. And it also helps describe the brand story in a more effective manner too so what we think is that if you know how to take advantage of a certain design technique or to create art, you must go for it.

For this blog of ours; we decided to share Thom Niessink’s beautiful logos and lettering that he has created and has generously shared on his Behance. We would like to share a little something about Thom before we move forward. So, he is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has worked on a number of design projects. We feel that a person can be as creative as they want to be but if someone is self employed and has the liberty to pick a project at a time that suits them well, they can be even more creative and it is safe to say that it is a fact.

Because you do not get that constant pressure from your team lead(s) to submit the deliverables, you have the liberty to initiate the creative thought process and can also discuss your timelines too – all of that contributes to a person being creative, being unique and amazing at their work and we think Thom would agree with us too.

Anyways, the reason why we wanted to share his work with you guys is that we felt that you would want to be inspired this week and there are chances that your creative juices are not flowing in the right direction so it is alright to take a break from your usual work routine and go through these beautiful creations of logos an lettering art by Thom. We can bet that you guys will not only be able to admire his creativity and uniqueness, but you will also be able to instantly think of ideas and things that you can incorporate into your own design processes as well. Every logo that you will look at in this collection speaks for itself, it has a story to share and Thom’s creativity has amplified it too.

And that is all for today, you guys! We hope that you had a great time reading this blog and that you will allow yourself to get inspired from the beautiful logos and lettering art that we have shared here. If you did like reading the blog, do share your feedback with us in the comments section and feel free to share your suggestions too. Also, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends as well – you never know how many of them would be waiting for something super inspiring to get started with their own work.

Credit: Thom Niessink on behance

Beautiful Logos & Lettering For Inspiration



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