Logos & Brandmarks 2021 by Marwan Ramadan

Hello everybody! We are back with yet another amazing blog of ours and we can bet right here, right now that you all are going to love it very much so, without wasting anymore time – let’s just dive right into it.

As you all know branding plays an important role in the making or breaking of a business but if you know how to do it perfectly, you can make sure that whatever you are putting out there as a business will not only be liked by your target audiences but you will also be able to generate Return on Investment (ROI) through it as well. In addition to that, you will become a preferred business that is liked by the masses and when that is done, half of the job is done too, right?

Keeping in mind the importance of branding and how things go with many companies, we decided to share something with you guys today that will help you create your very own logos and brandmarks in no time. We would also like to mention it here that whatever that we share here must be gone through time and again in order to get inspired or even get ideas for your personal and commercial projects too. So, whenever you guys get a chance to go through our blogs, ideas, mock-up PSD files and whatever we share here, you must also make sure that you are taking some inspiration from the content etc. which you can work on later.

Since you guys know that a logo is graphic mark that is designed to represent a business, we feel that it is important that we share what a brandmark is. So, for those of you who don’t know and those who do know about brandmarks and want to know better than that, we would like to share it with you guys that brandmarks are basically names, terms, designs or symbols and features that are created and used to identify a business’ services or products in order to be different from what other businesses of the same category are doing.

If you are working for a couple of years in the marketing and advertising industry and have a couple of clients that you deal with on a daily basis, you would know how a lot of people still do not want to spend money on good designs, on revamping the existing things that they use to communicate as a brand and how the agency is always convincing the brand team to consider rebranding but there is either disagreement or the brand team mentions that they do not want to break the connection that they have with their audience.

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When that happens, the brand starts becoming something boring and dull – something that people start to lose their interest in and you might not believe it but there are many people around the globe who shift to other businesses and service providers that are up-to-date, have new things to offer, know the latest communication and branding trends and make the most of them too. And we think that this interesting and inspiring collection of Marwan Ramadan that was created to feature the logos and brandmarks can be an amazing pool of ideas that you can use to work on your own creative thought processes and more.

We would like to share a brief introduction of Marwan with you guys here that he is an Egyptian freelance art director and has worked on multiple design and art projects. His educational background mentions that he has a business degree and we feel that it could be one of the reasons why he has such vast experience working with brands where he could design their branding and help them reach where they wanted to reach from a business point of view. We also feel that it is quite interesting that individuals and especially those who are working in a freelance capacity happen to be more creative (since they are their own bosses) and can also deliver much more than what is required from them mainly because they get to work on things individually, can manage the timelines and know that they can convince their clients in a better and more effective way as well.

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Marwan has worked on many different businesses, and this blog will help you view his selected work for 2021 that is surely going to give you so many ideas – that, we can guarantee. And before we say you all goodbye for this blog, we would like to thank you for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for also sharing your feedback with us as well. We hope that you had a great time reading our blog and that you will also share it with your friends and favorite colleagues as well. Keep reading and sharing our blogs within your personal and professional circles and never forget to share your requests & suggestions here too.

Credit: Marwan Ramadan

Logos & Brandmarks 2021 by Marwan Ramadan

Logos & Brandmarks 2021 by Marwan Ramadan (14)



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