12 Best 49 Inches Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitors 2022 To Buy From Amazon

Hello there friends! We can bet that all of you are going to love what we are about to share here but we know that our readers who are also gamers will find this blog super useful for them as well as for their friends too. In our blog, we will share 12 best ultra-wide gaming monitors that you can check out and buy in 2022 from Amazon and if you have got one already, then this is a chance to explore something (new) for yourself or for a loved one who you might want to surprise this Christmas so, let us dive right into it.

If you are a serious gamer, then you would know that there will come a time when you will require an ultra-wide gaming monitor because you would want to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest and that is how it should be. The monitor that you are currently using might be your laptop, your desktop or even a TV screen too but we feel that you must only use things that are designed and manufactured to perform certain functions. Ultra-wide gaming monitors come with many different features apart from being ultra-wide, like they are curved for a better display that too without stressing your eyes. Then they have vivid colors to offer as well as panoramic images and more.

But the question is: should you get an ultra-wide gaming monitor for yourself? So, allow us to share why you must invest in a good quality gaming monitor right away! Keep reading this blog because once you are done with it, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding which monitor to get.

Gaming is more than just one experience – from spending your time playing your favorite game to being competitive with your friends / colleagues etc. it really does help you take a break from your work life. But is it just that? Of course not. It is a visual experience too, it is when you get to design your own teams and cars, or any other tools for that matter. And you can only make them perform well when you know how you are shaping them and what do you need to view them well? An ultra-wide gaming monitor with a real time response rate, high speed refresh rate and an aspect ratio so good that you feel that you are inside the game.

Although, we make sure that whatever we share here is worth spending money on but when it comes to devices like smart phones, watches, monitors and other digital screens, we take this as our primary responsibility to ensure that you get to read up on devices that can protect your vision and won’t affect your eye sight in any way. The ultra-wide gaming monitors that you will happen to browse through on our blog are truly designed to provide you all with a comfortable viewing experience that can also help you increase your productivity too as stressed eyes can become a problem in getting things done and we know you would not want that to happen.

Then comes the connectivity – now, we all want a hassle-free system that can easily connect our devices with each other and does not create clutter at the same time, right? We are glad to share it with you guys that the 12 best ultra-wide gaming monitors 2022 that we have listed here are very easy to connect with your device and will also keep your work desk or gaming station clean as well and we know that you are going to like that very much. In addition to the ultra-wide gaming monitors being eye-friendly, we would also like to share here that these monitors can be set up quite easily and you won’t have to call in helpers to install or even place them at your desks, etc. and on top of that, you get the option to adjust the positioning as well so, it is like a complete package for the gamers as well for those people who like things all nice and clean with no clutter or messy wires where they are working or enjoying with friends, etc. for that matter.

And that is all for today! We hope that you had a really nice time reading this blog and that our list of 12 best ultra-wide gaming monitors to buy from Amazon will help you get or upgrade to a better option too. Do share the blog with your gamer friends and family members and if you are planning to get them something as a present, then consider getting a gaming monitor this year and you will see how happy you have made them.

We’re signing off from the blog but we will come back with something even more fun & exciting so stay tuned for that and more!

20 Best Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitors 2022 To Buy From Amazon

1. SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor

Specs: For personal, gaming, crypto trading, forex trading, and business. Refresh rate is 120 Hz |  QHD

Buy from here



2. SAMSUNG CJ890 Series 49-Inch Ultrawide QHD (3840×1080) Computer Monitor

Specs: For multimedia, gaming, crypto trading, and business. It is 144Hz, Curved shape, HDMI, USB-C with Height Adjustable Stand. It has 3 Years of International Warranty.

Buy from here



3. Dell UltraSharp U4919DW 49 inch Dual QHD Curved Monitor

Specs: 8ms Response Time, 2X HDMI, 1x DP, 5X USB Downstream, 2X USB Upstream 3.0, 1 x USB Type-C

Buy from here



4. AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor 49 Inches

Specs: Dual QHD 5120×1440 @ 120Hz, VA Panel, 1ms 120Hz Adaptive-Sync, 121% sRGB, Height Adjustable, 4-Year Zero Dead Pixels Manufacturer Guarantee

Buy from here



5. Dell U4919DW UltraSharp 49-inch QHD 5120×1440

Specs: 32:9 Curved Monitor Bundle with Tech Smart USA Elite Suite 18 Standard Editing Software Bundle and 1 Year Extended Warranty

Buy from here



6. Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49” Curved Gaming FreeSync Monitor

Specs: 144Hz Dual Full HD HDR Eye Care with DP HDMI Black

Buy from here



7. Sceptre Curved 49 inch (5120×1440) Dual QHD 32 Ratio 9

Specs: Gaming Monitor up to 120Hz DisplayPort HDMI Build-in Speakers, Gunmetal Black

Buy from here



8. Monoprice Curved Gaming Monitor 49 Inches

Specs: Best day trading ultra wide 49 in monitor. Features: 32:9, 1800R, 5120x1440p, DQHD, 120Hz, Adaptive Sync, VA with Quantum LCD and 1800R Curvature

Buy from here



9. Acer EI491CR Pbmiiipx 49 Curved DFHD (3840 x 1080)

Specs: VA Monitor with AMD Radeon FreeSync2 Technology,144Hz, VESA Certified Display HDR400 and DCI-P3

Buy from here



10. LG 49 BL 95C-W LED LCD Mon 51 x 14 HDMI

Specs: UltraWide Dual QHD (5120×1440) Display | PBP, 3PBP / Dual Controller | USB Type-C. HDR 10 | 2 x 10W Stereo Speakers / Rich Bass | Height/Tilt/Swivel Adjustable Stand

Buy from here



11. Deco Gear 49 Inches Curved Ultrawide E-LED Gaming Monitor

Specs: For gaming and business. Features include 32:9 Aspect Ratio, Immersive 3840 x 1080 px Resolution, 144Hz, 3000:1 with Deco Gear Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switches, 104 Keys

Buy from here



12. Samsung C49HG90DMU 124.2 cm (48.9″) 

Specs: Quantum Dot LED LCD Monitor – 32:9 1 ms – 3840 x 1080 px resoluiton

Buy from here




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