Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration

Hi there friends! We are back with yet another interesting blog of ours and we can bet that you all are going to love it but before we start talking about the main thing, we will take this moment to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for sharing them with the people who love and work with. You guys motivate us to keep doing better and we promise that we won’t disappoint you guys.

Since the title of our blog is right there, we can tell that you must be very excited to read about the brand identity of Bnavan (natural food) in detail and we know this for a fact that you guys love to read our brand design-related blogs a little too much so, let us get started right away!

As you all know that these days, many people around the globe are concerned about the food and what they are consuming and quite frankly; we are not complaining here because we know that food plays an important role in the well being of a person but that brings us to the question: What is next? Because there are many foods that can cause certain allergies, then there are brands, etc. that do not put in a lot of effort in producing healthy food items, not a lot of people are comfortable consuming packed food and then there are a lot of other things too that are happening on a daily basis.

The only solution to all the food-related problems is to start producing your own food; from meat to vegetables and milk to literally everything that comes in between but is that really possible especially when people have multiple jobs to work for, when they have tons of things to get done and over with even if they are not working full time and a tough life like everyone’s? We really do not feel that people of this age and time can do such a thing where they would be out and about taking care of their mini-farms, animals and taking care of the production too and that is when brands like Bnavan come to the rescue.

Allow us to share what Bnavan is and the idea behind the brand identity design which convinced us to write a content piece on it. Okay so, Bnavan is an Armenian brand that happens to produce healthy food items that include milk, eggs, meat, cheese, extra virgin oil, etc. The brand’s main concern was to work on bringing all the products together and sell them under one name Bnavan while keeping it all healthy and safe for all age groups to consume too and guess what the amazingly creative team came up with? A brilliant creative idea of combining two basic colors black and white and pairing them with funny yet lively illustrations on the packaging and the end result in right in front of you guys.

What we admire about people in the creative, marketing, and advertising industries is that we love how all the relevant departments come together to work on something that will not only be liked by the existing generations so much so that they will become loyal customers of the businesses but the products, and their campaigns will be remembered in times to come too and we think that, that is what the approach needs to be – work on something so versatile and long-lasting that it stays.

The best thing about the brand identity design of Bnavan is that the team members did not hold back on experimenting with something that is very farm-ish and it works so well for the brand that we can bet that anyone who will come across the branding or even this blog would want to check out the business in detail and might also want to try the products that are being offered by the brand, you know. By keeping everything subtle and healthy-looking, Bnavan has won our hearts and we would like you all to allow yourself to try and understand the brand identity in detail, check out the various packaging designs they are offering, and maybe, later on, you can also start working on one of your upcoming design projects too.

That is all for today, friends! We hope that you had a great time reading this blog and that you will let is inspire you in many different ways and when that happens, feel free to let us know in the comments section about how you worked on your creative food branding identity, etc. and while you are at it, do share the blog with your favorite colleagues as well.

Oh, and if you guys have any suggestions, do share them too and we will improve where it required improvement.

Credit: Backbone Branding

Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration

Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration

Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration



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