Baby City Visual Identity | A Perfect Brand Look & Feel

Hi there everyone! We hope that you all are having a great time reading our blogs and that you are super psyched to know what we have got for you guys today. As most of our readers are directly and indirectly related to the marketing and advertising industries around the globe, we really wanted to share a really cool visual identity of a brand so, keep reading the blog to know how you can create a perfect brand look & feel for a kids’ brand given that you are allowed to practice your creativity and that you are ready to take the risks& challenges that might follow.

Although, there are many ways to create something so different and attractive that you become successful in increasing your likeability within minutes but when it comes to a baby brand or a brand that caters to young kids, things should be interesting enough for both the kids and the parents to feel the need to purchase an item or two. Now, we are sure that many of you would be wondering if you can engage with the kids on digital or social media platforms effectively. And we are here to tell you that digital and social media platforms are not the only means of communication to keep in mind especially when you can and must interact with your primary and secondary audiences through outdoor advertising etc.

We will start with ‘Baby City’ first so, that you guys can know and understand how you can make the most of your outdoor and on-ground advertising to achieve your business goals. For those of you who don’t know, Baby City is the biggest brand that sells baby goods and is quite famous in the Baltic countries for obvious reasons such as they have got the best items on board and they communicate with you like a caregiver brand rather than an entity that only focuses on sales / generating revenue. Although, they won’t be wrong in expecting that to happen too but when a brand comes across as someone that cares for you, that brand becomes your personal favorite.

So, ‘Baby City’ wanted to up their visual look and feel game and we are so glad that the people who were contacted not only understood what the business really wanted but they ensured to deliver just that and more and we personally think that when you get in touch with a creative and design agency that understands your brand and treats it like you do, things become much more easier and you know that it the first step of you becoming a preferred brand in the locality. In order to meet the requirements of the brief; the very talented and creative people at Sons & Daughters ID came up with an amazing idea to create a catchy that not only enhanced the brand’s visual language but it also helped the business target the right audiences at the right time too.

The mind blowing brand language was created through creating and utilizing the illustrations that are both treated as mascots as well as graphic elements for all sorts of communication that will be done from the brand side. Another best thing about this upgraded visual language is that the characters (brand mascots) that are there are kids wearing onesies of different animals which not only creates an adorable image of the brand itself but the kids also help you with getting the best baby item for your baby or as a gift item for your friend’s babies as well. Isn’t that cute? But there is more to it. The kids are also trained to direct you to one of the best sales that are being offered so that you can spend your money on the things that you will need.

And of course, like we have said this above as well – a good brand is not the one that mainly focuses on how to generate sales etc. But it is a brand that cares for its audiences because they are the ones who trust you with their money, emotions and more and they would want nothing but the best from you so, it is your responsibility as a business to make sure that you deliver the best things to your valued customers along with best services by also offering reasonable prices as well because these are the things that will set you apart from your competitors.

From packaging to leaflets, to totes and tags, to envelopes, badges and animations as well, Baby City has a new and more effective brand language and we all are loving it. If you wish to learn more or to get ideas on how to communicate effectively, we believe that Baby City’s visual language is something you must check out in detail so that you can come up with something of your own too.

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Baby City Visual Identity | A Perfect Brand Look & Feel



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