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Hi there everyone! We know that you guys are super psyched for our today’s blog as it is going to be all about creating brand identities while we also share how this amazing and creative brand identity project (Pursuit) was designed but before we do that; we would love to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs and for also making sure that you are sharing them with the ones who can use creative ideas to get things going. Keep sending in your feedback and suggestions and keep supporting us so that we can continue working on the best things for you guys.

First things first; we would like to talk about what brand identity is so that when we start talking about the main topic, you guys know what we are talking about. Makes sense, right? Okay so; brand identity is that image that any corporation, organization or business puts out for their audiences, potential customers and clients. Brand identity also covers all the communication including the design elements, advertising and marketing campaigns as well as PR that a certain organization creates to get in touch with their audience.

There are many different approaches that can be followed to create brand identity for a business but in order to stay ahead in the game, you have to ensure that whatever you are doing is unique in its own ways, can have an impact on the people that you are going to reach out and that can represent your business in all the ways that a brand identity is supposed to represent and we think it is time for us to briefly share how a brand identity can be designed in order to help you all get going. It is very (and we can’t stress it enough) important to run a brand audit in order to understand the needs and requirements of your business as that information will help you devise your strategies for the brand identity.

Then work on your brand positioning – it is not only important but we are assuming that you would know that there are hundreds of brands that are trying to sell the same thing that you are about to sell and the only thing that will get you stay apart from them is your positioning and communication that includes your messages around the digital, social and on-ground platforms. Your next step will be to design a strategy on the visuals and the overall look & feel of your brand. Are you a kids’ brand or are you a brand that is going to cater to the needs of women? Whoever you are and whatever you are trying to sell must be represented through a well created design strategy.

In order to execute a strong brand identity; you must be ready to take the challenges that might come in your way and you must also be practical because without that, nothing would work, really. Be out there, accept the risks & challenges and face them like a true businessperson so that when you are done; you can look back and feel proud of yourself and of everyone else that was involved in the entire process.

Now, let us talk about what ‘Pursuit’ is and how creative their brand identity is in order to understand whatever we have shared above in the blog!

So, Gander is a brand agency that is operating in Brooklyn and has worked on the brand identity of Pursuit which is a social impact organization and happens to train and empower graduates to bring change in their personal and professional circles. As you all know that with each passing day; things are changing within and around us and the best way to live with all those changes is to become a better version of ourselves and Pursuit is definitely one such organization that can not only train people to bring in that change where it is needed the most through technology but the more that communication will be made within the communities, the better it is going to be.

A kinetic arrow was used as a ‘P’ but to also depict personal development and determination. In order to understand the concept well, we would like to share how Pursuit’s creative brand identity share it that success is not a liner process; there are many ups and downs in every direction of everyone before they become someone successful and we cannot tell how happy we are to see that whole thing through the kinetic arrow. The new name and branding were revealed at the Manhattan Highline (fundraising gala) and Gander designed the collateral for them which included video animations, guide books as well as branded hats, badges, caps and tote bags.

To read more about Pursuit and what they do and to also make yourself familiar with the brand identity designs in general; we would love to encourage you all to do your research, make pointers of everything that you know, liked or would want to explore and then work on something on your own as well.

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A Creative Brand Identity Project | Pursuit



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