Korean Pharmaceutical Packaging Design for Inspiration

Hi there everybody! We hope that you guys are keeping safe and that our blogs and everything else that we share here is helping you do your things and then some more like you have always wanted to. For our today’s blog, we are very excited as we are about to share a packaging design of a Korean pharmaceutical company to not only inspire you but to also help you let your creative juices flow in all the right directions so, let us dive right into it.

Okay so, at first glance, you might not be able to figure out what the product really is mainly because we are mostly seeing medicinal products packaged in solid colors like white, light blue or maybe green as well with minimal copy here and there and we know that, that is a medicine and is used to cure this or that illness but while we were working on our blog, we were quite amazed to look at this very pharmaceutical packaging design and then we figured out why it looks the way it looks, you know. In order to provide complete peace of mind to the consumers, you must focus on the packaging design of your medicines etc. so that it does not scare them away but allows them to feel good and hopeful that they will get better sooner than ever.

Now, we all know that Korea is quite famous for a couple of things like their K-pop and K-dramas (of course), kimchi, the popular 12 step skincare routine, for Samsung as well as for Hyundai as well as for their love for sports, their fashion sense and rice too but what we absolutely love about this pharmaceutical brand Barun is that they are very passionate about producing health food that is purely made using natural ingredients.

There are chances that when you hear the words ‘pharmaceutical’ or ‘medicines’, you might feel that there are going to be some very unpleasant tablets involved but that’s not the case here as people at Barun hoped to change the scenario of individuals consuming pills to them consuming products that absorb nutrition and happens to provide comfort to the users. And we are glad to mention this here that they got successful in doing that because all they had to do was to work on their brand image and how they appear to their targeted audiences.

So, there happens to be six products that are being produced and sold by the pharmaceutical brand but what’s interesting to note here is that there are illustrations and distinctive colors used for the packaging design of each product which is also metaphorical in their usage as well. In addition to the motifs that depict all things natural, the packaging designers went ahead with their creativity and also added geometric expressions to the designs as well that are enhancing the beauty of the overall designs and it would be an understatement to say that we are in love with the entire creative thinking and packaging design process.

Allow us to share in detail, why we decided to let you all read up on this amazing Korean pharmaceutical packaging design. We are sure that you guys work on many different projects in a month for your personal clients as well as for the organizations that you are associated with and the best thing about being in the creative, design or related to marketing and advertising departments etc. is that you get to explore your inner self that is imaginative, that is skilled and when provided with the right amount of time, resources and smart teammates, you all happen to create something that is literally out of the box. But you do know that everyone in the world is working on that mantra, right? That ‘out of the box’ phrase that you use or hear during meetings almost every other day is becoming outdated – mainly because there is more to it then just creating a design or a campaign that is unique.

You need to design stuff that in meaningful and effective and actually helps the masses in one way or the other. It can also fall under the category of activism as well but remember, if you are someone responsible enough to take charge and create something that can (finally) bid farewell to highly processed products, chemicals etc. and also have the ability to make the most of nature without destroying it, then know that you will become one of the most preferred brands in the world.

So, don’t just try to change the world through your creative thinking and packaging designs but actually have something meaningful translated into your products and services as well to be different and effective too. That being said; we will leave you guys with this brilliantly designed packaging design – let it inspire you to create something even more creative and when you do, feel free to share everything about it with us in the comments section.

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Korean Pharmaceutical Packaging Design for Inspiration

Korean Pharmaceutical Packaging Design for Inspiration



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