50+ Powerful Illustrations Depicting Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Hi there everyone! We hope that you all are keeping safe and that you are also keeping yourselves updated with whatever is happening in the foreign world and it is completely okay if you aren’t doing so, because no matter how bad something can get, you must make sure that, that does not affect your mental health but if you are one of those people who are deeply saddened with the Russian recent invasion of Ukraine, we want to encourage you that you must choose to raise your voice in whatever ways you can so that the victims of this invasion don’t suffer huge losses.

It is a terrible thing but we all know that wars only affect those who have nothing to do them and we cannot agree enough with the fact that it is always men with big egos who stop caring about the masses and have to disrupt the world’s peace with their horrible decisions. We won’t be wrong to say that almost everyone knows what is happening in many countries around the globe, the big countries that have resources and armies invade the small, peaceful countries and make the lives miserable of anyone and everyone who is living there be it Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many more and now they have invaded Ukraine too.

We are sure that you guys must have seen family members saying goodbye to each other while they part their ways, some of the people are choosing to stay in the areas that are being invaded while there are many people who are making the toughest decisions of their lives. We wish that these politicians knew how hard it is to build a home, a career and a family and it only takes a couple of hours to leave everything behind in order to save your life and that also happens if you are lucky to live more, otherwise there will be bombing somewhere and you will be gone. Such is life, but if only that mattered to the ones who know nothing, think about nothing but decide to bomb extremely innocent people, ruin their beautiful houses and lives and then celebrate it too.

In such uncertain and difficult times, many fundraisers are being organized to help support the people of Ukraine so that they can put this behind themselves with a hope that there are talks between the so called decision makers who (finally) decide to be better humans. And while we were doing our research on the topic, we came across this emotional yet powerful collections of illustrations and artworks that people around the world have made to spread the messages of love, peace and humanity. We were truly moved to see these brilliant drawings etc. and we felt like sharing all of them with you guys as well.

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It is a blessing that we haven’t seen anything of the sorts that is currently happening in the countries and cities that get occupied for very petty reasons, but whenever we go through the photographs, videos and even the illustrations that we have added to this blog, we cannot stop thinking about the kids and their parents, about the couples who had to say good bye to each other, about teachers and their students, about those friends and family members who were not really prepared for all of this. And when you leave a pet because it is too uncertain at the moment, that’s another type of heartbreak and everything is being depicted through these artworks.

Putin has to be the most hated person who is alive at the moment and we are glad that the people around the world are showing his real face too because when you decide the fate of an entire country on your own, you must suffer from the consequences as well and we are not sure if the concerned organizations will come forward to let Ukrainians live the way they used to live, but we hope and pray that may common sense prevails and that Putin and everyone else who is involved in the invasion of Ukraine legit stops being terrible human beings.

Before we conclude our today’s blog, we would like to say this one more time that do use your voice in one way or the other in favor of the Ukrainians and inhabitants of the other countries as well who are going through an extremely tough time and might need your support because you never know what will build pressure on the actual decision-makers. Use art (dance, music, paintings, illustrations), blogs, articles, tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts – literally anything that can help amplify the message; use it and you will see that it has made a difference sometime real soon.

Credit: Boredpanda, Instagram: #nowar, #makelovenotwar, #standwithukrain, #makeartnotwar, valeria, gwen

50+ Powerful Illustrations Depicting Russian Invasion of Ukraine

1. Make art not war | Eyes Open | Rise above | Mind Open Street art



2. We need love not war peace



3. War settles nothing



4. Ukraine & Russia No War



5. Stop wars star wars illustration



6. Stop war placard



7. Stay strong Ukraine



8. Stand with Ukraine



9. Stand with Ukraine Sunflower illustration



10. Stand with Ukraine pray for Ukrain



11. Stand with Ukraine illustration



12. Stand with Ukraine holding hands illustration



13. Stand with Ukraine beautiful illustration



14. Stand for Ukraine blue typography



15. Simpsons standing with Ukraine



16. Pray for Ukraine no war please



17. Peace is always beautiful illustration



18. Peace illustration



19. Peace for Ukraine



20. Peace for Ukraine flying dove



21. Peace for every one child illustration



22. Peace for all image



23. Peace flag image



24. Peace dove illustration



25. Peace Dove нет войны



26. Peace Artwork



27. No War


28. No war in Ukraine Image



29. No war illustration



30. New york loves you artwork for Ukraine



31. Message for Putin



32. Make love Ukraine holding hands poster



33. Make love not war typography art



34. Make love not war



35. Make love not war illustration



36. Make love not war Pigeons artwork



37. Make love and peace Couple illustration



38. Make art not war



39. Make art not war poster



40. Make art not war lettering



41. Love and peace for Ukraine



42. Girl holding Ukraine flag stepping on tanks creative artwork | Street art 2022



43. All we need is peace photo



44. Artwork on peace



45. I stand with Ukraine image



46. illustrations for peace



47.  Beautiful girl illustration dove flying with Ukrainian flag



48. Holding onto hope together colorful photo



49. Heart for Ukraine



50. Free Ukraine peach symbol



51. Child drawing Ukraine flag



52. I Stand with Ukraine




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