How To Push Yourself Creatively As A Logo Designer?

Hi there everyone! We hope that you guys had a great time reading our previous blog and that you are very eager to read what we are about to share with you all today. But like always, we would like to take this moment to thank you for your overwhelming response to our blogs and designs that we share and for also making sure that you send in your feedback and suggestions as well. Your support means a lot to us and we hope to receive that in the future too.

Our today’s blog is all about thinking differently and creatively as a logo designer and we can bet that you will find that super informative and useful as well so let’s get started!

Okay so, we know that most of you guys must have gone through difficult days when you just could not think of anything that falls under the category of “out of the box” and may be it happened for several days too, but the best that you can do to fight your creative block is to make sure that you do not pause the brainstorming process. You can have those sessions with your friends, and colleagues where you sit and think of as many ideas as you can that might be incorporated into creating something fun and exciting for yourself or for your commercial design projects. Or what you can do is that you sit with yourself and think of things that might help you create wonderful designs etc.

We also know that designers do not get to have a lot of time during which they can let their creative juices flow in order to make a perfect something for the internal tasks or tasks that are supposed to be delivered to serve more of a commercial purpose. There are multiple reasons behind the urgency that it created for the designers but we would like to take this moment to tell you all that if you really, really want something to work in your favor and never backfire, then you need to give your designers the creative liberty to work the way they are comfortable with because we know that when that would happen, you will know that you took the right decisions.

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As far as being stuck with designs, especially for logo designers (because they are the ones on whom the entire branding project is dependent) is concerned there are a couple of things that you can do to push yourself to think creatively. Keep reading this blog as we will be sharing that and more with you guys so that for your next logo design project, you can make stuff that you will be super proud of.


First things first; always, always remember that great designs do not just happen, you know. It is an extensive process that not only requires creativity to be used in the right places, but you also have to make sure that you do not end up creating something that has been already there. So, what can you do in order to design logos that are not only powerful and effective, but you can bet your life on them being new, modern, and unique? You have to understand that whatever you will create is going to act crucially for the respective brand – both for the customers as well as for the business owners. In order to entice the audience, you need to do your research and see what the competition is doing because that information will help you create differently.

You must also know that you will be experimenting with fonts, colors, design elements, etc. to end up creating something that is actually different and also fulfills the demands and requirements of the design brief as well. Here, we would also like to say that you guys should also take out some time from your daily routine to create something that is not work-related. By doing so, you will be able to work on logo designs that you can own and you will also be able to use your creativity however you would want to use it as there won’t be any deadlines attached to it, no one to require changes, etc. and we think it will be a really good practice too.

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36 ABC Alphabets

That being said; we would love to encourage you guys to go through these stunning logo designs, alphabets by talented designers and allow yourself to take inspirations from them as well because honestly when you will let yourself utilize your creativity and skills on your personal design projects, you will notice a huge difference in your work too.

In addition to that, you must always be open to experiments, getting to know and try newer / modern techniques, etc. that are being used to create (logo) designs and the best way to stay up-to-date with all of that is to keep checking the latest trends within the design circles, on digital and social media platforms and we can bet that you will feel the creativity flowing in all the right directions.

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