How To Get A Graphic Design Job Without Experience

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For our today’s blog, we wanted to talk about something different from the usual course of what we talk about here and we are hoping to help you guys get your hands on something that you can do as a graphic designer even if you do not have any relevant experience for the job so, let us get started!

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In this part of our blog, we will be talking about how when we were young and were getting done with our college, we did not know a lot about graphic designing and the jobs that one can get in the field – not even generally and how it seemed like a bumpy road because we did not have a senior or a friend who could help us understand the job market, how to apply for a job and what things to look for when we are applying. It was not easy, sure but where we are today, it is safe to say that taking the risks did make a difference for us and we are sure that it can be beneficial for you as well.

Before you start doing something practical, you need to understand that not everything works for everyone in the same way, at times, you will have to change how things should work for you and you will see yourself making progress. For example; there are chances that right now, you do not know if you will be able to apply for a job right after you are done with your design degree because the recruiters might ask you to have some experience to be eligible for the job and while it stops you from dreaming or moving in the forward direction here is what you can do:


Be a Volunteer For a Few Projects

volunteer graphic designer

At colleges and universities, almost every department, society or club needs a graphic designer who can make their artworks for the gatherings, plays, musicals etc. and you can become a volunteer for all such activities. This will not only help you polish your own skills but you will also be able to add that on your resume too – meaning that you will have the working experience in the relevant field to share with your future employers.


Do Freelancing Jobs First

freelancing jobs

You can also find freelance jobs for designing art works and more by using the platforms that are there like Fiverr or you can ask around within your friends circle if someone’s looking to hire a graphic designer for their small businesses etc. By doing this, you will be able to get the exposure that you can use for becoming a more skilled graphic designer and you will also learn a lot during the process too like how to deal with your clients, how to understand briefs and how to work on them by following guidelines etc.


Shout-Out to the Fan Club

Fan Club Fan Art Designer

There is another way to get a graphic design job and we find it really interesting too and that is to send fan mail to the people who inspire you in one way or the other. You can create the art works, digital portraits, card designs and everything else that comes to your mind for your favorite artists, singers, actors or even for politicians too. This can be done by sending them your fan mail through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or simply uploading the stuff on your own social media platforms and tagging them so that they can see what you have made for them. Once that is done, they will send you a shout-out by posting a story or post, mentioning you and you will find your way to become someone big soon-ish.


Be Humble & Kind

humble graphic designer

It is very important for a graphic designer and any other artist for that matter to have a digital presence so that people can get in touch with you and assign you design gigs after you guys have agreed upon a business deal. But know that you also have to be welcoming and approachable as well. Here, we do not want you to accept every offer that comes your way or undersell yourself or your work but be humble and kind whenever someone approaches you for work-related projects.

And last but not the least, make sure that you do not lose your element. Be assertive about your style and have as many discussions as you will have to have with your clients so that you can produce nothing but the best for them through your ideas and work. We are sure that by now you will be able to know how to get a job in your field after gaining the knowledge and the skills to do it.

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