DODO Pizza UK Branding Design

Hi there everyone! We hope that you all had a great time reading our previous blogs and that you are super psyched to read this one as well but before we share everything that you need to know about DODO Pizza UK branding design, we would like to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our blogs, for sharing them with your loved ones and for also making sure that you send in your suggestions from time to time as well. We look forward to more requests and suggestions to cater to in the future too.

As you all know that branding is the most crucial thing for a business and if done right, it can help the business grow in so many ways – both locally and internationally as well. When you make sure that your branding is on point and is super effective and that your business message is being delivered to the right audiences, then you can literally own all the success that comes along the way but we also know that this process is not an easy one and that many, many people still don’t know how to do it right so while we will share how this largest pizza chain of Europe worked on their branding to bring people closer, we will also share how you guys can work on a couple of amazingly effective branding projects as well so, keep reading the blog till the end in order to make good and creative work throughout the year.

Know that there are multiple aspects of branding that need to be covered before you execute the branding design – be it for a seasonal campaign or be it something that you would like to keep utilizing for a couple of years. For example; no matter how hard it can get, you must carry out proper and thorough research on your target audience, what they like, their shopping behavior, etc. In addition to that, you must also get to know what your competitors are doing in the market as well as this information will help you work on big ideas and campaigns that are not being worked on currently.

Always make sure that you have your own personality that you can take forward – but we would also like to mention that you don’t need to get intimidated if you feel that your competitors are doing better than you because you will get there where you wish to be once you have done your homework on how to carry out a couple of things before going live. Your business name and slogan must also represent what your business is about and while you are at it, you have to ensure that you pick the best suitable color palette and design images, etc. to create the overall look and feel of your branding. And if you are a little unsure about something, you can always experiment with test runs before finalizing everything, you know.

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That being said, let’s now talk about what DODO Pizza did that caught our attention and we decided to share it with all of you guys. The UK, like other (island) countries, happen to have people that follow different passions who also have different interests to pursue, and that kind of divides them so, in order to keep them all united DODO Pizza decided to combine high cuisine with fast food that is given the best taste by using their crispy roman dough (also known as Dough Dough) and is served in 30 minutes. The most interesting thing about this pizza chain is that they came up with this fun idea to make sure that the people while enjoying the football games, discussing politics, and the economy do not get divided but stay connected or united with each other over their personal favorite pizza flavors.

We can bet that this attractive branding will inspire you guys to work on your upcoming projects as well so, we would like to encourage you all to go through this in detail and let your creative juices help you create stuff that you will be proud of.

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So, with the black, white, and striking orange color, DODO Pizza designed the branding and the fonts that they use to depict the “gourmet” food is Gourment Font along with Gourmet Illustrations and to depict “fast” food.

That is all for today, you guys! We hope that you all had fun reading this blog and that you will also share it with your graphic designer friends, and favorite colleagues as well. Feel free to share your feedback with us in the comments section and we will make sure to improve wherever it is needed. Another thing that we would like to mention here is that all your requests are more than welcome so do send them our way as well.

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DODO Pizza UK Branding Design



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