A Feast For The Eyes | Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design

Hi, everyone! We hope that you guys had a wonderful weekend and that you are very excited to get done with your ongoing tasks and projects. As you all know that through our blogs, we not only try to ease out the ideation and design processes but we also share packaging designs created by amazing people from around the glove so that we can inspire you all to make make your own impressive designs for your own businesses as well as for the ones that you are working with and we think we are doing a pretty good job but we would love to hear your feedback too. 😉

Okay so, the pastry packaging design that you guys are going to view today has been created by UDL Industrial Design – a design lab located in Beijing, China, and a bunch of super creative people from UDL decided to work on this feast for the eyes that we are very happy to share with you guys. Now, it is important to know and understand the creative thought process behind this traditional pastry packaging design first before we start talking about how you guys can work on your brilliant ideas for your upcoming projects.

First things first; Moonshop is a Chinese company that makes snacks and packages them in beautifully created boxes that you just cannot resist and we believe that that is where everyone can up their game as well. You must know how to attract your prospective customers to come to check out your products and then eventually make a purchase as well in order to see what you are selling. And then, of course, you also need to make sure that your products are so good, that the customers will keep coming back to get more, you know.

In Chinese culture, the people celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival which is also known as Mooncake Festival or Moon Festival. The day is obviously celebrated with friends and family members; there are multiple fun things that one can do but the reason why this festival is celebrated is that the Chinese people offer thanks to the fall harvest and also pray for good fortune, longevity, etc. And what is that one thing that can connect people over festivals like these all around the globe? Food, right? So, the main food item for the Mooncake Festival is mooncakes which symbolize a family reunion and you can have them in small pieces with tea or however you would like to have them.

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Now, what the bakery did was to keep the mooncake relevant by combining the traditional values with the symbols of fast consumption. So, you will still have the mooncake but in different shapes and sizes made by improved recipes nicely packed in matching packaging and visual language. What we love about the new style of the mooncake being available in the market is that the delicacies are still there but the new forms are so compelling that you won’t be able to stop them from trying – which is an amazing thing to happen mainly because customers must be given the element that is relatable, that they can feel connected to and only then you can make sure that you will eventually become one of the most preferred brands in the city or country for that matter.

The lollipops, mini waffles, sticks, etc. got their respective boxes which have been designed in relevant colors using food photography, the typography is on point, and the colors that are used for the copy are complementing the overall look & feel of the packaging design as well so when we say it is a feast for the eyes, we know that it really is and we hope that you can agree with us as well.

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Always remember that when it comes to packaging designs, you have to ensure that the packaging is calling attention to itself. It should be full of life, it should be easy on the eyes and it should make the masses grab the product the moment they see it to check out what it has to offer. And while you will be working on making the brand and its purpose clear for the audiences through its packaging, you must also ensure that it is being designed for its target audience. And then market it in accordance with the communication strategy and you will notice that whatever you have done was worth the effort and time.

That is all from our end for today, you guys! We hope that you all had a great time reading this blog and that you will also share it with your friends and colleagues whom you care for. Also, do feel free to share your requests and suggestions if you have any so that we can work on and get back with them and more super soon.

Credit: UDL Industrial Design

A Feast For The Eyes | Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design

Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design

Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design Moonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging DesignMoonshop Traditional Pastry Packaging Design



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