Nike Air Max Shoes For Kids | A Visual Identity Design

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If you know Nike, you would also know the kind of products that they have and the response they get from across the world for being there in the market for so many years and never compromising on the quality of whatever they are selling and making sure that they fulfill the demands of their customers of all ages. When it comes to shoes, you have to ensure that you are putting your money on the right things and Nike is one of those brands that liberate their customers by allowing them to experience more than just comfort – be it about being in style, be it about the price factor or be it about make the fashion statement without sounding like a snob – everything about Nike is subtle, powerful and amazing and you have to have at least one pair of shoes from them to see and know what we mean.

This isn’t the first time that Nike wanted to create a visual identity to attract their prospective customers but we would like to mention here that when you are working on something, you must also check out the history of the brand as well so that you can talk about it in a way that it is reflected through your designs and other branded communication. So, as far as our today’s blog is concerned, we want to share this information with you guys that Nike introduced their Air Max shoes in 1987 by putting out the first model on the market.

Air Max shoes basically have urethane pouches filled with a pressurized gas which are also visible from the exterior of the shoes. And the idea behind that is to provide maximum comfort and cushioning to underfoot. That’s quite an innovative idea and with the passage of time, the idea got improved as well but more needed to be done so that more and more people could benefit from it, you know. So, Nike decided to launch the Air Max shoes for the kids. But was that enough to attract the kids and their parents, etc. to make the purchase? We would like to say no here because what you are about to read is something that hasn’t been done in the past and we can bet that you will find it super interesting too.

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So, Air Max – done? Air Max for kids – done? What’s more that needed to be done? Bubbleverse? Hmm, sounds like an effective strategy to do what they mean so, Nike approached this team of super-intelligent, highly creative people based in London, UK, and briefed them on what was required from them. Now, there are a couple of things that happened; Nike wanted Kidvision to the world of Air Max but they also wanted to introduce their first kids only air innovation which is known as The Air Max Motif. Similarly, for the deliverables as well; a number of things were required from the creative and design team such as Air Max-inspired assets, a branded typeface, a graphic library, as well as a collection of aerated characters.

The best thing about this visual identity design for the Nike Air Max shoes for kids is that it will not only keep the kids engaged with them but even the adults would want to see what’s happening in the Bubbleverse, you know. So, the kids get comfort, their imagination is triggered in all the right ways, and everything is fun and healthy which means it’s a complete package, and when multiple senses are satisfied, you can bet that the users (kids) will become your loyal advocates to talk about their experiences too – meaning that Nike Air Max shoes for kids’ visual identity design is not only unique but it is effective as well.

And that is all for today, you guys! We hope that you guys had a great time reading the blog and that you will also share it with your favorite colleagues as well. Allow yourself to take inspiration from it so that you can design something of your own for your upcoming projects as we know that you cannot wait to design something unique and powerful. Do let us know how it all went as we would love to read about it. We will see you guys next time, very soon with something more fun to read and work on.

Nike Air Max Shoes For Kids | A Visual Identity Design



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