Chewable Yogurt Packaging Design For Inspiration

Hey there, you guys! We hope that you had an amazing time reading our previous blogs and that you are super excited to see what we are about to share today. And as you have already read the title, we can bet that you all are going to enjoy reading about this interesting and compelling chewable yogurt packaging design. But before we share everything that you need to know about that, we would like to thank you guys for your overwhelming response on our blogs and for also sharing them with your loved ones as well. Your support and feedback mean a lot to us and we hope to receive that in the future too.

As you guys know that packaging lets you define your brand the way you wish to define it and no matter how big or small your business is, you must invest in getting creative and effective packaging designs made that you can present to the world. If you are a new business or are planning to relaunch your brand and are still thinking about why packaging designs are important, we would like to share all the reasons that can convince you to get started with this thing step by step and once we are done with this part of the blog, we will share how Chewgurt Yummy did what they did that caught our attention. 😉

Okay so, first things first: what is a packaging design and what can it do for you? You don’t know your potential customers and they don’t know about you either but the only thing that can bridge that gap is the packaging design that won’t only promote you but it will also make the audiences take an action that you want them to take such as buying the product, referring it to someone who might need it, becoming your loyal advocate and promoting your business within their personal and professional circles and so much more. Another thing that you can effectively do with your packaging is to make that first impression that you, otherwise cannot make through your online and on-ground communication.

Another thing that your packaging does is to help you protect the customer experience, but what does that mean? Well, you may have spent a lot of money on creating or producing something for your customers to purchase but what if it reaches them in a million pieces? That is when the packaging comes in and helps you minimize the chances of a breakage hence, creating an exceptional customer experience on your business’s behalf.

If you are a brand that works by following a proper strategy that involves all the stakeholders, then you would have to agree with the fact that you can only prosper if you know how to do things – it doesn’t matter if you are not perfect right now, but if you have it in yourselves to be better, that is exactly when you will get on the right track. And that’s exactly what Chewgurt Yummy did with their packaging design. Their first unique thing is that they are offering chewable yogurt and who would have thought that we could do that, hmm? So, it is evident that they got all the attention that they deserved but they went ahead and worked on their packaging designs with the help of their visual branding specialist (Brainchild Creative).

The overall packaging design has these playful and fun vibes to give and we know we all love that kind of thing coming our way but there is more to these mini matte packaging tubs and that is the brand claims it gives happiness to the consumers and we would like to believe them on that, to be honest. The boy on the packaging design seems to enjoy the chewable yogurt but he is also (kind of) protective of it as well – the way he is holding it closer to his chest, you know. And if you are wondering what “Have a rice day” means then know that this chewable yogurt comes with rice making it a wonderful experience and most probably a one-time meal too.

Now, if you look at the designs, you will see how everything is so subtle yet so powerful and is giving the exact message that the brand wants to give; that is to make the most of the healthy and fresh food items which will not only make your tastebuds happy but you will feel the happiness inside every bite that you will take and we just love how creatively they have executed their packaging.

That is all from our end for today! We hope that you guys had a great time reading this blog and that you will also share it with your favorite colleagues as well. Before we conclude, we would like to request you all to send in your suggestions and also let us know if there is anything specific that you would like to read up on, we promise to get back with that and more in our upcoming blogs.

Credit: Brainchild Creative

Chewable Yogurt Packaging Design For Inspiration

Chewable Yogurt Packaging Design For Inspiration



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