Features Your Employee Onboarding Software Must Have

What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding is integrating an employee into the organization. Employee onboarding is where a new employee gets familiar with the organization’s vision, mission, goal, and culture, and understands their job responsibility. The purpose of onboarding is to invite new employees and ensure they have the right tools, right knowledge, and skills they need to function in their positions. Onboarding is the first step to creating a bond between the organization and the new employee.



Why is smooth onboarding necessary?

Onboarding is the most crucial process for an employee because they have just entered the workplace and to feel committed to their work, it is important for HR to provide an interactive and smooth onboarding experience so that they feel comfortable and find a sense of belonging. It is when they feel belonged they work well, self-developing along with increasing the success rate of the organization. Also, it costs more to hire someone new and provide them with an onboarding process and then online training. It is also a time-consuming process so it is important to provide the employee with a good onboarding experience. LMSs like performance pro help ensure smooth employee onboarding.


Things that the onboarding program must have:

  • User-Friendly interface

Select an onboarding software that is less confounded, simple to utilize, and can be altered in a way that is consistent with your organizational approaches. A complicated software may reduce the interest of new hires, increase confusion, and discourage them from asking for help.

  • Transparent analytics

A vigorous onboarding software should have the features to assist you with getting a clear overview of the number of new employees that have been hired, those who will be hired, and those who are being hired. It should assist the organization with arranging the onboarding exercises better, without disarray.

  • Automated design

It is necessary for onboarding software to have an automated design that can robotize the repetitive task of sending updates and messages, insights concerning your association like administrative work, approaches, and records, and in any event, preparing programs that your recently added team members need to finish.

  • Paperless onboarding

The onboarding programming that you pick ought to have a component to digitize the administrative work and make it simple for yourself as well as your fresh recruits.

Recently added team members should have the option to finish their work understanding desk work from any place, and HR experts need onboarding programming with online endorsement includes that permits them to gather data and confirm it as fast as could be expected.

  • Portability

Versatile onboarding software assists managers and recruiters with arranging onboarding work processes, allot assignments and due dates and teaming up.

Recruiters can remotely send offer letters and track progress from their mobile phones, irrespective of where they are. Portable access additionally permits fresh recruits to meet their group and complete fundamental work from any place, on any gadget

  • Data storage

Onboarding software should store significant archives in a single spot. onboarding software must offer the ability to store an ample amount of data with auto-fill innovation, recently added team member structures become shrewd as in they can consequently fill in important data from existing stored archives. This reduces the error of repetition of storing the already saved data and saves time.

  • Automated progress reporting

Your onboarding software should be efficient enough to provide you with quick automated progress insight about your employees’ progress. Another is self-evaluation modules that can assist you with putting workers in the right division.

This large number of easily overlooked details improves work fulfillment, so your new representatives feel comfortable sooner and are more averse to leaving. All the more significantly, you can call up corrective or required measurements for a redid report and naturally, view or maybe print it right away.

  • Cloud-based Technology

Is your employee onboarding software available on the run? Will a partner who is either in an alternate office or voyaging can partake or get to an onboarding cycle? If your response is no, your onboarding programming is certainly obsolete and the time has come to move it to the cloud. Cloud-based technology is a must as it saves time and effort. Working on a cloud-based technology saves the information on a permanent platform, preventing the loss of data in case of a power cut or any unforeseen circumstances.



The onboarding system can’t be redesigned over a day. Given the association’s size and necessity, execution time and cost effects the onboarding program. The right onboarding software can support further development of abilities, improve functional productivity, diminish expenses, and increment the ROI of onboarding.



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