How To Get Writing Help | 9 Useful Apps For Students

We all sometimes like to fiddle with our smartphones. Have you ever had situations when you devoted your free time entirely to an interesting game on the phone rather than meeting with friends, an interesting hobby, a book, or learning something useful? Although why these questions – of course, you had. We had it too!


Smartphones and tablets almost look like a natural continuation of a person’s arm these days. It is not surprising that at any convenient opportunity or free moment between studies, work, and ordinary worries, we look for entertainment in our gadgets. After all, they are always at hand.

However, the Apple Store and Play Market today are platforms where you can find not only exciting games but also useful applications. They will be helpful in everyday life, facilitate learning, and help you plan your free time effectively.

Being a modern student is not easy. The rhythm of life is accelerating; information is falling from all sides in waterfalls. You are standing under these streams of knowledge, waiting for rescue workers to come for you. Sometimes you just think: “If only someone could write my paper for me!” desperately. And you know what? It’s totally possible!

Applications (mobile and desktop) that help students learn to plan things, and control time make life much easier for them. Let’s overview some of those apps here.


Apps That Make Writing Easier



This application marks problematic places in your text with different colors. It highlights overly complex sentences, unnecessary adverbs, phrases that can be simplified, passive inflections, and just plain mistakes.

The creators of this tool assure us that it will help make your texts as simple and understandable as Ernest Hemingway’s texts. But even the texts of the greatest writer do not always receive an “excellent” rating from the service.



Grammarly is a personal online writing assistant. If you need writing help this will be one of your main tools. The application corrects spelling mistakes and offers better wording for the chosen tone and purpose of the text. Also, it checks for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. If you use it constantly, it improves your writing style.


Google Keep

In Google Keep, you can create notes that will help you work with the text. This add-on works like an online notebook, so you can leave reminders without leaving your document.

During your research on the Internet, you can highlight the text you like by adding it to Google Keep. At the same time, the extension saves not only a piece of text but also a call to the site. After saving, you can find the note in Google Keep by name and transfer it to text.

Working with Google Keep will be especially useful for those who browse many sites and look for the necessary information for writing material. In order not to accumulate open tabs and then not search for the necessary passages on the site, it is enough to save them in Google Keep and use notes as needed.



With EverNote, you will no longer have difficulties with keeping notes. They can be created in the following formats:

  • text format
  • the format of pictures, photos
  • web content
  • even audio recordings.

Once created, notes are stored in electronic notebooks that can be edited, searched, tagged, and exported for use on other devices.

A clear task management system allows you to easily assign tasks directly in notes, set deadlines, and mark them with flags or reminders. Thus, none of the important tasks will remain unfulfilled.

The basic version of the application is available for all operating systems and is free. And for those who want to get access to extended functionality, tariff plans are offered.


Reverse Dictionary

Have you ever faced such a problem when you can’t remember a word? It rolls on the tip of the tongue, you can describe it in other words, but you can’t remember this one thing? Say what you mean, and Reverse Dictionary will match you with exactly that option you need.




Poetica has a very good interface and will be able to turn the sometimes boring process of correcting texts into a pleasant activity. This writing service reproduces the process of correction by hand, allows you to make corrections, put notes, highlight sections of the text and write comments on them. The edited text can be extended to your friend’s or teacher’s email.


Text Expander

This application allows you to save time when typing frequently used words and phrases – names, company names, email greetings, signatures, etc.

To do this, you need to specify the full spelling of a word or phrase and add a shortened one. After that, every time you write a shortened version, TextExpander will automatically replace it with the full version.

In the application, you can insert already formatted text. You can use it for pictures, as well as for quick input of HTML tags. TextExpander’s settings allow you to add autocorrect for highlighted words, symbols, Emoji, HTML, and CSS.



It would seem that applications with a voice recorder should be avoided, but Recodium has one noticeable plus – it can highlight important moments. In the future, this will save the user from having to scroll through the almost one-and-a-half-hour recording of the lecture in search of the right moment – a little thing that means a lot.



One of the most unpleasant types of work that a student faces when writing a term paper or an essay is the preparation of a bibliography and a list of sources used. The EasyBib application does the extra work for you. Just enter the name of the source to get a properly formatted citation. But remember, you still need to know MLA or APA style for proper wording.


Final Words

Writing is hard work. You can spend hours researching, picking the right words, organizing lines, and looking for a muse. But the tools mentioned in this article can offer you help managing all this work and make your writing better and easier.



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