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As you guys know that logo designs are extremely important and crucial for any brand – regardless of their scale, the time that they are in the market or the fact that they are spread across the globe or just operate within one country, city, etc. Your logo literally represents what your business is all about, it is short, it is crisp but it delivers the message it is supposed to deliver. And if you have to explain your logo to someone, then that means it is not something that you should go live with and you would want to take a step back, evaluate the factors and then work on the learnings in order to execute something that is not just relevant to your business but it is also meaningful, you know otherwise what’s the point!?

Although we have shared multiple blogs on how to create the best logo designs for your businesses, etc., we would like to briefly touch on the main steps that will help you stay ahead in the logo design game. Always think of your logo as the design space that will reflect your commitments towards your community along with the branded message that you would want to communicate. Be creative, authoritative and literal with your logo so that you can pass on the same vibes to be perceived as a brand that knows how to get things done. And while you are at it, utilize the colors, design elements, etc. in the best ways possible. Be creative, experiment with ideas here and there and we can bet that you will end up with exactly what you were hoping to end up with.

Then comes your brand identity or corporate identity which lets you present yourself as a business in front of the masses. Again, it is important to have an excellent brand identity that you can put forward in order to communicate with your potential clients and customers. Your brand identity includes your logo designs, your branding, out-of-home advertising, your digital and social media communication as well as your public relations. Through your action plans; you will be able to build a narrative and if it is something that a group of people can relate to, then you are halfway there.

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We know that right now it might seem a little too overwhelming to think of all the things that you can put into consideration to create your logo and brand identity design especially if you are just starting so, we are going to be sharing how the Idele’s branding was done by Nil Brands. Idle is a Brazillian brand that makes semi-jewel items – allowing their customers to enjoy exclusivity while wearing their favorite jewellery pieces. The items are made with intricate details and have to offer a unique experience for literally everyone.

The slogan of the brand is ‘A Moment Concept’ which depicts a very special vibe and the confidence that comes from within is something you would like to flaunt along with your jewellery items. The colors that are used for the brand identity are blue (luxury) and beige (strength of mind) – making it very different from all the other brands that usually go for silver, gold or black colors, complemented with a typography and light serif to make everything depict nothing but uniqueness, value, and splendor.

All the elements are best suited for a jewellery band and we feel that Nil has done a great job. It is now time for us to leave you guys with the detailed overview of the Idele Semi-Jewels logo and brand identity, allow yourself to get inspired and make something even more wonderful that you will observe.

That is all for today, you guys! We hope that you liked reading the blog and that you are also going to share it with the people that work, your students, etc. too so that they can learn new things about logo and brand identity design. We are sure that this blog of ours will inspire you all to work on new ideas too and when you do execute a thing or two by following our suggestions, do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, if you guys have any special requests to make, do send them our way too so that we can work on them and share them here in our upcoming blogs.

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Idele Semi-Jewels | Logo & Brand Identity for Inspiration

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