Veloce Motors | Minimalistic Brand Identity Design For Inspiration

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In this part of our blog, we will be briefly sharing what brand identity is so that when we start talking about the technicalities of it, you guys know and understand what we are talking about. And guys, know that it is going to be worth it, really.

Okay so, brand identity means the extensive collection of all the design elements that you gather together to have them represent your business, etc. visually. It also includes the design of your products, how you offer your services, your public relations as well as the advertising that you do on the ground as well as online. Your brand identity helps you communicate with your audiences through multiple platforms without having to go to them individually and promote your messaging, etc.

Always remember that for corporates, firms and all types of businesses, creating the right image in front of the public is very important but it is also very crucial at the same time. Like what if something goes wrong or it is not perceived the way you guys would have expected, you know? That’s when your creative, design and PR agencies come in to support you so that you cannot only deliver the right message to the masses at the right time but you do it so naturally, that it becomes even more impactful.

We are sure that you guys must have worked on many projects until now but keep this in mind that instead of looking at the numbers of your projects, start looking at the impact that they are making or if there is no impact at all, you know? Because otherwise what is the purpose of carrying out research to get your hands on the insights in order to learn more about your targeted audiences? Nothing, yeah? So make sure that when you have the data that can help you make informed decisions, you utilize it to the fullest and deliver what is expected from you like that business that is run by emotionally intelligent people.

That being said; allow us to share the minimalistic brand identity design of Veloce Motors that will definitely inspire you guys to improve the areas that need improvement in order to help you deliver nothing but the best – both in terms of the branded communication but also in terms of the services that your offer and the products that you sell. Make sure to read the blog till the end because we can bet that you will love reading about Veloce Motors as much as we did when we were working on the blog today.

Veloce Motors is a young business based out of Canada that offers car dealerships to their customers along with high quality car services which include tuning and more. For a business that is more on the serious side of the spectrum, it becomes very important for the branded cimmuncaiton to be reserved and to the point. For example; you cannot go for a colorful palette or be casual in your messaging but in fact, you have to be assertive and subtle while also using the minimum amount of design elements to represent you in the public.

For such brands, what works the best is having classic colors that tell what they are and talk about the services in a powerful way without overdoing anything. For example; Alexander Babariko, the graphic designer who worked on Veloce Motors’ brand identity chose blue, grey, white and black colors along with Alliance No. 2 typeface; put up this amazing show of imagery and design elements that truly represent the business goals and objectives of the company.

And hat is all for today from our end, everybody! We hope that you not all enjoyed reading the blog but that you will also share it with your friends, colleagues and everyone who would make the most of it when they are working on their projects, etc. Feel free to use the comments section to share your feedback with us and while you are at it, know that we would love to hear your requests, etc. as well so that we can work on them and get back here with your requested content and more very soon.


Veloce Motors | Minimalistic Brand Identity for Inspiration

Veloce Veloce Motors | Minimalistic Brand Identity for Inspiration



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