Stunning Portraits Of Fifa World Cup 2022 Stars By Dlanid

Hello there everyone! We are sure that you guys are having a great time reading our blogs and that FIFA World Cup 2022 is also keeping you all busy with some very interesting games, intense upsets and so much more. Keeping in mind that the FIFA World Cup is taking place in a Muslim country this year; many, many people have had their reservations about the event and everything else that was going to happen due to the rules laid by the government, etc. but we are sure that those who are attending the event in person are having the time of their lives. 

For our today’s blog, we wanted to share something different with you guys and since we always love to share the amazing things that some super creative artists around the globe are making all the time, we decided to feature these 8 very stunning portraits of the FIFA World Cup stars and we can bet that you all are going to love checking them out. So, let us get started right away!  

The artist Dlanid is basically an art director and graphic designer who specializes in brand design, character development for example; mascots, and creating custom vector illustrations. He also develops fonts and does animation, etc. as well so it is safe to say that Dlanid not only knows how to create characters and everything else that you can utilize to represent your brand in a certain way but you can also make the most of his offered services to develop kickass branding, etc. too. And isn’t that great? You deserve to work with someone who knows what they are doing and then they just do it 5x times (or more) better than you would expect from them.   

But here is something that you must also know about Dlanid that he loves creating sports-related designs – from creating players’ portraits to team logo designs and more; he is so great at work that you will really enjoy whatever he has made so far. And when you do check out his designs, etc., allow yourself to spend as much time as you would want to on one design so that you can understand the creative thought process too as it will help you think in a more systematic way for your own projects as well.   

Talking about this very recent project of Dlanid; the wonderful aspect of it is how he has incorporated the desert vibe into the portraits – depicting the very element of Qatar. There are dunes there, there are beaches and this very happening country in the Middle East is one of the most favorite spots when it comes to spending some quality time too and we are very sure that the organizers and the hosting country must be super proud of themselves for choosing Qatar for the World Cup 2022.   

Anyways, so Dlanid is very expressive about his project of how he thought of the idea and then ended up making these stunning portraits of the FIFA World Cup stars featuring; Kevin De Bruyne of Belgium, Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Kylian Mbappé of France, Robert Lewandowski of Poland, Neymar Jr. of Brazil, Luka Modric of Croatia, Karim Benzema of France, and Lionel Messi of Argentina. You can very evidently see the grainy effect in all the portraits that are there which are complementing the dunes of Qatar and with all the intelligently used colors, everything looks so powerful yet so subtle that you cannot look away. Right?  

Now, when you will make something to portray a character or two for your projects, or even a building for that matter; we want you guys to also imagine the setting that character, building or thing is and then see if you can incorporate the very element into making what you are trying to make, you know. And you will see that there will be so much harmony in everything. That is why we keep saying this one thing all the time: get to know your subject before you start working on it so that you have a better grip on it.   

That is all for today! We hope that you enjoyed reading the blog and that you will also share it with your friends, family and colleagues who love to watch the game and are diehard fans of the artists whose portraits you can see in the blog. Do share your feedback with us in the comments section and while you are at it, we would love to know which portrait you guys loved the most so share that too with us. Also, if you guys have any special requests to make, then send them our way and we will work on them and get back here super soon.  

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8 Stunning Portraits Of Fifa World Cup Stars

Cristiano-Ronaldo Illustration Karim-Benzema Illustration Illustration Kevin-De-Bruyne Illustration Kylian-Mbappe

Illustration Lionel-Messi Illustration Luka-Modric Illustration Neymar-Jr Illustration Robert-Lewandowski



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