A Playful Berlim Timtim Pastry Brand Identity For Inspiration

Hi there everyone! Today, we are very excited to begin our blog as we have something extremely fun and playful to share with you guys and although, we just cannot wait to start sharing everything about the brand identity of this pastry brand in Portugal. But before doing that, we want to take this moment and thank you guys for the love and support that you keep sending our way and for encouraging us to continue making what we love to create. And we truly hope to see more of that happening in the future too.   

For the people who have just started reading our blog or are a little new to what we call branding and other related things; we would first like to share what brand identity is so that you guys can know and understand what we are talking about. We would love to encourage you all to make sure that you have read the blog till the end so that you can make informed decisions regarding your own business or the ones that you are currently associated with.   

In easy-to-understand words; brand identity is the corporate identity that you make (or have made) in order to present yourself as a business in front of your direct customers or clients (or targeted audiences), your partners, competitors, and anyone else in the market for that matter. When you work on your brand or corporate identity, you include your public relations, your designs (digital, social, and all other platforms), and your advertising and marketing communication as well as your product design as well. So, it is literally anything and everything that you happen to create and use to convey a branded message or two so that other people, businesses, etc. know that you exist.   

Now, we know that it might feel a little overwhelming and it might also be a lot to process that information too which can lead you to think that designing a brand identity is a tough job and that you cannot make it too. But trust us when we say this; when you begin the process with the right strategy and goals in mind, everything becomes like a breath of fresh air and you keep going until you are at the point where you are all set to go live with the brand identity. If you are wondering what it means to have the right strategy to guide you so that you can design an effective brand identity then you need to first know your targeted audiences inside out to understand what they will get from you once you have launched your business.   

Secondly, you need to define your business goals and the commitment that you will make in order to fulfill the needs & demands of your audiences. Thirdly, you need to stick with whatever you have designed as consistency is still very attractive and you cannot go wrong when you do not confuse your customers, etc. with a changed communication style or too much information for that matter. You would also want to keep all things simple to communicate and also to be understood (by your audiences). Also, make the most of all the relevant tools and platforms that can help you spread the word in a better and more powerful way but don’t overdo anything too. You must act as a business that knows what they are doing instead of being all over the place.  

That is what the genius team behind the brand Berlim Timtim did; they knew their audiences well enough to offer them something so playful that they find it hard to ignore it and have to get a pastry or two for themselves or for the people that they love. Keeping in mind all the yummy fillings of the pastries in mind, the creative and design team came up with the idea of going with playful illustrations and associating them with one of the typical pastries in the country. The name Berlim Timtim has a jolly tone attached to it which allows the customers to “taste the summer” in an exciting way while they are at the beach.   

And that is all for today from our end! We hope that you guys not only had a fun time reading the blog but that you are delighted to go through this playful Berlim Timtim brand identity as well. Feel free to let us know how you are planning to utilize the ideas that you have come up with through this brand identity and while you are at it, do not forget to share the blog with your friends, colleagues, students, etc. as well. We will see you guys next time around with something more fun to read and work on.  

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A Playful Berlim Timtim Pastry Brand Identity For Inspiration



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