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Okay so, we would like you all to let us know in the comments section about your coffee intake and preferences as well. Like how strong do you like your coffee and do you get anything else with it too, as in do you throw yourself a little party when you are about to consume your coffee? Just for yourself? We are not huge fans of coffee but if it is being served somewhere and we do not have any other option available, then we don’t mind consuming it. But then it has to be a mini dessert too, alright? Maybe some bite-sized brownies, a couple of tarts here and there, and then of course, something a little creamy on the side too, and then we are all set.

We are aware of the fact that those people who like coffee know it a little too well to see if they want to go with a certain brand for life or if they have room for experimentation as well. But it has been observed that coffee drinkers usually have a higher performance rate when it comes to thinking and problem-solving. They are also more productive during the day as they are able to focus well as compared to the people who do not consume coffee on a daily basis. We are sure that you guys would know the health benefits of coffee but for those of you who do not know that here it goes:

Drinking coffee* is good for the health of your heart. It boosts your energy levels and supports you in improving the health of your brain as well. It is also said that by drinking coffee, you lower your chances of getting depression as well as type 2 diabetes.

*Note that drinking coffee is not a cure for any disease especially if you have any pre-existing conditions and must always consult your doctor for a better diagnosis and treatment.

Since there are multiple options for coffee available literally everywhere – be it a coffee shop or a cafe that serves main courses as well, we wanted to share the brand identity design of ‘Good News’ with you guys in our today’s blog. What we found the most interesting about this coffee brand is the happy vibes it has – and not just in terms of how they have launched their shops and kiosk but also in terms of the packaging as well. The bold white color is making every design element pop out and we are just in love with it.

The happy smiley that you are seeing on the paper cups, tote bags, and boxes is ready to welcome you and make your day so much better than it already was and we can bet that that is definitely something most of us are wanting to happen – especially if it is a Monday and we are sulking over the fact that how short the weekend was and how we will have to wait for another five days to do what we want to do; you know things like watching a random FRIENDS’ episode or trying out a new recipe or literally just lying in the bed and watching the rain drop fall on the windows.

We’re sure that when you guys will go through the brand identity design of ‘Good News’, you will notice how the minimalist approach can be great for designing something as big as a brand identity design. Understand the choice of the design elements that were used and let that help you work on something even more exciting.

That is from our end! We hope that you not only enjoyed reading the blog but that you will also share it with your colleagues and friends who would be able to get inspired from this brand identity design and will allow themselves to let their creative juices flow in the right direction. Also, do let us know if you guys have any special requests to make along with your suggestions and feedback as well and we will make sure to get back here super soon with your requested content and more in our upcoming blogs.

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Good News | A Good Coffee Brand Identity Design



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