What Are The 13 Types Of Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH) In 2023?

Hi there everyone! We are back with yet another super informative blog of ours that we can bet you all are going to love reading as we are about to share the 13 types of digital out-of-home advertising (OOH) that will be used in 2023. So, if you are someone working in the industry or if you know someone who is, this blog is for you and we would like to encourage you all to read it till the end in order to better understand the types of out-of-home advertising (OOH) and also make the most of them in this year and beyond that.

As you all know that when you own a business or are working with one, you have to also advertise it so that more and more people can get to know about it in order to make a purchase or two or to take any actions that you want them to take for example; to avail your services, to attend your workshops and seminars and it can be as basic as signing up for your weekly newsletter as well. But all in all, you have got to talk about the business so that you can promote it within your targeted audiences.


Now, there are multiple types of advertising techniques that are widely followed by businesses but the ones that are cost-effective and get you the best results are the ones that you are going to stick with, right? So, in order to first tell you, guys, about the different types of advertising that are there, we are dedicating this part of our blog to that information. Make sure that you guys read it till the end to make informed decisions!

There are more than 10 types of advertising that exist and depending upon the requirements and budget; the concerned departments go for the type(s) of advertising that serves (s) them the best. The types of advertising are as follows:

  1. Print advertising
  2. Television advertising
  3. Radio advertising
  4. Direct mail advertising
  5. Mobile advertising
  6. Podcast advertising
  7. Social media advertising
  8. Outdoor advertising
  9. Guerilla advertising
  10. Public service advertising
  11. Paid search advertising
  12. Native advertising
  13. Display advertising

You can know which type of advertising works the best for you when you have tested the waters and seen the results after running a campaign or two but for out-of-home advertising (OOH), doing things is comparatively easier. Allow us to share why!

With out-of-home advertising (OOH), you can do so much more than regular digital and social media advertising for that matter and if you are creative and take help from the tool of storytelling, then you are definitely going to stand ahead in the game. Let us first share with you guys the types of out-of-home advertising so that we can move to the next part of our blog.

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The 5 different types of digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) are digital billboards, street furniture, digital screens (bus shelters, gas pumps, etc.), mobile billboard trucks, and phone box advertising. These types of advertising are going to be the most preferred ones in 2023 and we suggest you all check them out in detail and then go for the ones that can help you promote your business in all the right ways. We would also like you all to always keep this mind that you must never discard any type of advertising unless you have either experimented to see how it goes for you or you know that a certain type does not complement the type of business that you run or are working with.

Also, whenever you are going to try something new for your business, the first thing that you need to do is to get in touch with multiple vendors and weigh your options before making a business deal with anyone; this not only includes the pricing factor, but you should also make sure that the vendor(s) you are going to get in touch with, has a good rapport in the market as well so that at the time of campaign execution, they do not ditch you.

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That is all for today, everyone! We hope that you guys not only had a great time reading the blog but that you will also share it with your friends, favorite colleagues and students, etc. as well. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with us in the comments section down below and while you are at it, we would like you all to also send your special requests our way as well so that we can work on your requested content and come back here with more exciting stuff to read and work on.


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