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Hi there everyone! We are back with another amazing blog of ours and we can bet that you all are going to love reading it as much as we did when we were working on it. And we won’t take too long to start sharing what you guys need to know about this minimalist business card and website design but before doing that, we would like to take a moment to thank you all for the love and support that you send our way and for always making sure that you near and dear ones are also reading our blogs and making the most of them too.

If you are one of our regular readers, then you must have read our previous blogs that featured stunning business card designs and all the tips and tricks that can help you create the most amazing things for your own business or for the ones that you are working for. But for our today’s blog, we wanted to share something with you guys that is not a lot, you know; something that reeks of minimalism, if there exists something like that. Because we are sure that you guys come across multiple business cards and website designs every other day that feel a little too much to handle and no, we are not saying that it’s a bad thing, really. But there are some things that can be just enough when they are not a lot and when they are made keeping in mind the minimalist approach.

So, let’s talk about this business card and website design which depict minimalism at best and you are going to have a nice time knowing all about it. Mayuko Kanazawa is a Japanese art director, graphic designer and illustrator who worked on the business card and website design for Matsu. The word ‘Matsu’ is taken from the leaves of matsu (Japanese language) which means pine leaves or pine needles. The reason for picking that name for the business was done after proper research for example; the pine leaves represent (a strong) connection as the two leaves of the plant are not easy to separate and we feel that it is an excellent idea to think of for a business.

In addition to depicting a strong connection, the patterns of the matsu plant were also taken to design traditional Japanese motifs which also represent good luck so all in all associating a business with the matsu plant is a great idea in our opinion but there is more to it. The name of the owner of this business is Matsushita, who belongs to the town Nihommatsu and we hope you guys have noticed that both names contain ‘matsu’ in them too. So, while the names of the business and its owner sound like a perfect plan, the business card design and the website design take the lead and we are just so glad that we are sharing the details with you guys so that you can get inspired and create designs, etc. that will help your businesses stay ahead in the game.

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Now, let us talk about the designs! At first, the card design looks like something that is uneven but when it is nicely folded, it looks something super unique and we can bet that you guys have not seen anything of the sort before. The main color for the business card design is in monochrome which brings out focus on the content of the card and you would want to read what’s on it and the typeface used for it is Gilroy – subtle, simple, yet powerful.

The same design elements are incorporated into the website design as well so that everything is in complete harmony and anyone and everyone who looks at the branded materials does not get confused thinking that the business card or the website design belongs to two separate businesses, you know. Like Matsu’s creative designer, we would like you guys to think of as many relevant connections as you can create to end up making something subtle yet effective.

That is all for today, you guys! We hope that you all had a great time reading the blog and that you will also share it with your graphic designer friends, favorite colleagues, students and acquaintances, etc. as well so that they can also check out the amazing minimalism at best and can also get inspired too. Feel free to take out some time to share your feedback with us in the comments section and while you are at it, don’t forget to let us know if you guys have any special requests to make so that we can start working on them and be back here soon with your requested content and more.

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Minimalistic Business Card

Minimalistic-Business-Card-2023 Minimalistic-Business-Card-2023 Minimalistic-Business-Card-2023


Minimalistic Website Design

3-Minimalistic-Website-Design-2023 3-Minimalistic-Website-Design-2023

3-Minimalistic-Website-Design-2023 3-Minimalistic-Website-Design-2023



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