What Is The Difference Between Brand Refresh, Rebranding & Redesign?

Hi, there everyone! We hope that you guys had a really great time reading our previous blogs and that you are super excited to read the one that we are about to share with you all today. Earlier this week when we were working on our content list, we wanted to share something with you guys that is different from the content that we usually share here and we are very happy to report that through our today’s blog, you guys won’t just be able to know the real differences between Brand Refresh, Rebranding and Redesign but you will also be able to execute what’s necessary for your businesses in the future too so, let’s get started right away!

In this part of our blog, we will be sharing the basic definitions of the terms so that we can gradually move toward the more technical parts. Make sure that you guys read the blog till the end in order to make informed decisions.


Okay so, a ‘BRAND REFRESH’ literally means an attempt made from the brand’s end to freshen up its image or modernize it with the latest trends while ensuring that the core identity and the brand strategy stay the same. A brand refresh involves minor changes such as a new look of your logo design or how you put up your content on your social media platforms. REBRANDING, on the other hand, means you create an image that is different from the one that you launched in the past and you attempt to go for a new look in order to achieve one of your business goals. This also helps brands acquire new customers on board which helps them generate more revenue and eventually makes the move successful.


Lastly, we have ‘REDESIGN’ and redesign in terms of branding means that you bring a change in the visuals to keep up with the things/trends that are being followed currently while you make an attempt to communicate with a newer set of audience who might be interested in your products and services. A brand redesign involves serious changes including new visual designs and brand strategy so that it becomes relevant to the changing times.

We would also like to mention here that there are chances that in the past you may have gotten confused because these terms more or less feel like they are the same but we are sure that now you know the differences between them and you will not only educate your colleagues and clients on the terms too but you will also have more control over things when these terms will be mentioned during a brief as well. And honestly, that is how it should be – when you know what you are doing and can also execute things in an effective manner.

Although, all the changes that a business requires to make are done and executed as per the goals that they would want to achieve but a couple of things stay the same when you have to execute and plan all things out in order to offer a fresh new look and feel to entice more and more people. For example; you need to spread the word that your business exists and you want it to be known so that your existing and potential customers stick with you in years to come. Then you would also want to increase your sales and that can only be done when you offer something new and different to your target audiences and it is always a great idea to up your communication game in a while to not only show your existing audiences that you are very much alive and keeping up with the latest trends, etc. but to also engage with your potential customers by grabbing their attention through your meaningful communication.

By giving a new something to your customers, and partners, you also get to retain them as well and that will help you always stay ahead in the game too because honestly, incorporating interesting changes into your communication is the only way to go.

That is all for today, everyone! We hope that you enjoyed reading the blog and that you will also share it with your brands, favorite colleagues, and clients, etc. as well so that they can equip themselves with knowledge and can make the most of it too with your support and creativity. We would love to read your feedback so, feel free to share it with us in the comments section and while you are at it, don’t forget to let us know if you have any special requests to make too so that we can work on them and be back here with your requested content and more super soon.



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