10 Poster Design Tips To Receive Attention

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1. Define the Purpose of Your Poster Design:

You must define the purpose of your poster designs to stay on the right track. And make sure that you follow this tip otherwise, you will have to rework your ideas and designs later on.

When we say define the purpose of your poster design, we want you guys to know the goal that you are trying to achieve through your poster campaign. Do you wish to invite your target audience to an event or do you want to advertise your services/products? Or it’s just that you wish to entertain your audience. Also, know that you are halfway through the process when you know the purpose of your poster design(s) and your target audience.


2. Create a Compelling Visual Hierarchy:

When creating poster designs, visual hierarchy matters more than anything else. Want to know why? Then keep reading the blog!

A poster design needs to attract people to take a desired action which means that you should be able to create a hook through your headline. Then comes the subheading and the rest of the content. By using subheadings, you will be able to break down the information into easy-to-read parts.


3. Develop an Easy on the Eyes Color Scheme:

Color schemes can be tricky but what makes this part easier is to fully understand the color psychology and then make the most of it for your designs and more.

In addition, you must also ensure that you’re keeping the color palette consistent so that your target audience doesn’t lose interest in your communication, etc.


4. Incorporate Attractive and High Res. Images:

A design becomes even more attractive when you incorporate eye-catching, high-res. images and visual elements to create it so, make sure that whenever you’re working on a poster design (and everything else too!), you are only using images and graphics that are attention-grabbing, relevant, and bring more value to the design(s).



(And we can’t stress that enough…)

A poster design must showcase the use of typography. It is safe to say that it’s one of the unsaid rules of creating poster designs that you must incorporate different fonts to evoke emotions. Also, don’t overdo it and only use two to three fonts to complete your design otherwise, your target audience won’t be able to focus on the communication.


6. Use Whitespace:

This is one of our favorite poster design tips – mainly because it is super effective. So, whenever you guys plan on making a poster design or two, make sure that you also use whitespace. By doing so, you will be able to make your content stand out while also creating clutter-free poster design(s).


7. Align Everything Like There’s No Tomorrow:

A poster design must be aligned in every sense of the word and you can, very easily do that by using grids. Use the grids to make sure that your design elements and the content are perfectly aligned as it increases interest among viewers.


8. Add a Call to Action (CTA):

Your poster design must also have a CTA (otherwise, what’s the point, right?!). Assign a prominent placement to the CTA in the design and you’ll be good to go.

You can also add other necessary information in the design as well such as; social media links, contact numbers, etc.


9. Test Your Poster Design:

Before rolling out the campaign, you must test your design(s) first. You can easily do that by looking at the design from a viewer’s perspective. And if you still require clarity or suggestions, then you can request your peers and colleagues to help you out.


10. Never Compromise on Quality:

Unless it’s a digital design, you must never compromise on the poster quality. We suggest you hire a vendor who understands what needs to be done and only offers you the best quality material, finish, etc. as this will double your chances of receiving more attention.

That is all for today, you guys! We hope you enjoyed reading the blog and you will also share your honest feedback with us in the comments section below. And while you are at it, don’t forget to share this blog with your graphic designer friends, favorite colleagues, and students so that they can also follow these super easy and effective poster design tips for their businesses, school projects, and more. We will see you guys next time with something more fun and exciting to read and work on.



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