Free Hand Holding iPhone 16 Pro Max Mockup PSD

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We are sure that you guys are also waiting for the iPhone 16 lineup to be launched as much as we are so, while this blog features the free yet highly editable hand holding iPhone 16 Pro Max mock-up PSD file, we are going to be sharing a couple of things that you can expect from Apple this year – most probably in fall or somewhere in September. We would also like to mention that most of the features might or might not be a part of the iPhone 16 Pro Max but as per our research and leaked rumors, here it goes:

Designers, developers as well as the users of the soon to be launched Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max can expect a bigger size device and it is safe to say that if that happens, it will be one of those updates the world didn’t see in the past years. We must also mention here that the standard Apple iPhones won’t feature an increased size and that’s that as far as the design changes are concerned. Researchers, analysts and leakers are also of the view that there is a high chance Apple won’t do anything else regarding the design of the iPhone 16 lineup.

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As far as the Apple Chip is concerned for the Pro models, we would like to share that the tech company might or might not be developing a new, upgraded chip for the Pro models whereas, the standard models will run on the latest Apple Chip. So, the good news is for the Pro models’ future users that they would enjoy a version of all things great, higher efficiency and performance. Does that sound awesome? Well, there is more to it so, keep reading the blog to equip yourselves with some amazing information that will keep you excited (at least) till the launch of the Apple iPhone 16 lineup.

We are sure that you guys liked the colors and finish of the iPhone 15 lineup but we are about to tell you that according to a rumor, there is a chance that Apple is going to replace Blue Titanium with Rose Gold and the rest of the colors and finish would be:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Natural Titanium

That said, you can also expect a new ‘Capture’ button in the iPhone 16 lineup and that button is going to be used to click photos and make videos more conveniently. It is rumored that the Capture button will be placed where the power button is. Also, as far as the camera system is concerned, we can all expect it to be a much better system than the previous iPhones that have been launched by Apple. For example; the iPhone 16 lineup is rumored to feature an upgraded version of the 48-megapixel Ultra Wide Camera which will allow the users to enjoy enhanced photography and videography.

And maybe, just maybe, the Apple iPhone 16 lineup might also feature a Super Telesphoto Periscope Camera. This amazing new addition is said to feature an increased optical zoom for that dramatic effect in your photos and videos and we are sure that you all are going to have an exciting time making highly enhanced and high res. memories. For the battery, you can also expect Apple to introduce stacked battery technology which will result in a longer lifespan of the smartphone(s).

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Free Hand Holding iPhone 16 Pro Max Mockup PSD


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