WordPress Themes Giveaway: Comment to Win 110+ Themes At Your Disposal

Whether you are a web designer or a person who wants to run their own site, you need themes. Many of you would rather have several themes instead of one – a bigger choice leads to better results. When buying templates one at a time, this may become quite expensive. This is where WordPress theme clubs come into play: you get dozens of themes for a price as low as a single template.


However, this time, in order to access a large number of WordPress themes, you may not even have to pay. We have 4 prizes for you from the biggest and fastest growing WordPress theme club – Crocoblock.

Crocoblock has 117 WordPress themes for blogs, portfolio, online stores, restaurants, pet-related websites, churches and for many more. Apart from that, they release 2 new themes monthly.
Founded in April 2014, Crocoblock has gained many loyal customers. Since October 2014 it’s not only the fastest growing WordPress theme club, but also the biggest one among all of the WP theme clubs. 24-hour support is provided while you are a Crocoblock member, updates continue always. Besides, there are 3 free themes you can download right now.

In order to get an idea of what you get if you win, there are examples of WordPress templates which are only a small part of the whole theme package.

Dinner King

Demo | More info



IQ Exterior

Demo | More info



Handmade Jewelry

Demo | More info



This month the club celebrates its 1st anniversary and invites you to share the joy.
We are giving away 4 subscription plans in this giveaway which give winners access to more than 110+ themes:

  • 2 winners get access to all Crocoblock themes for 1 month
  • 1 winner gets access to all Crocoblock themes for 6 months
  • 1 winner gets access to all Crocoblock themes for 1 YEAR


How do you enter the giveaway?

1. Go to crocoblock.com
2. Choose a Crocoblock theme you would like to use for your project.
3. Give us a link to this theme in the comments below

For example, your comment can be as simple as “My favorite theme is Seo expert



Giveaway lasts from April 29th 2015 till May 6th 2015. After the giveaway is over we will randomly choose 4 lucky winners.

Important! Make sure to enter your valid email, as we will contact you via email if you are the winner.

Remember, luck loves those who take chances.

Happy winnings!


Congratulations to the 4 lucky winners:

1. Attila Bús
2. Dean
3. Chiara
4. Rachel Verdi

Thanks everyone for participating. Best of luck next time & do subscribe us for future posts, graphic freebies, and giveways.


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  1. Rachel Verdi Reply

    My favorite theme is Clothes (WooCommerce). Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    • ZQ
      ZQ Reply

      You are welcome Rachel, Best of Luck!

  2. Kylie Reply

    My Favorite theme is 42 Restaurant.

  3. Imran khan Reply

    Great collection! However, I like ‘Smag’ and ‘Cartoon Blog’ the most! Let’s hope I win this one 😉

    • ZQ
      ZQ Reply

      Imran you have to wait till May 6th 2015. For others please make sure you type correct email address.

  4. PainFrites Reply

    Great idea guys ! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great theme http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/foreign-languages/ ! And gl to everyone ! 🙂

  5. Michał Reply

    I really like City Hospital Theme, thanks for this giveaway 🙂

  6. Lucas Reply

    I really like the Metro wordpress theme. I would suit my new idea for a website just flawless. Great giveaway idea ZQ! Goodluck to everyone 🙂


  7. Chiara Reply

    It’s hard to pick a theme because they’re all amazing. However, my favourite one is the Foreign Languages theme: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/foreign-languages/

    Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!

    • ZQ
      ZQ Reply

      You are welcome Chiara, I really wish everyone to win but we only have to choose 4 lucky winners. Best of luck from myside.

  8. Rebecca S Reply

    I would use Messo http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/messo/ because I like minimalist themes

    • ZQ
      ZQ Reply

      I would also choose messo if i were participating.

  9. Magdalena Reply

    I like this one: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/brits-pub/ It is simple and nicely responsive.

  10. Arturo Reply

    I love the IQ exterior theme! i hope i can win it! good luck to all!

  11. Leslie Gilbert Reply

    You guys have a lot of awesome themes, but I really like the Croconaw theme!

  12. Arturo Reply

    I love the IQ Exterior theme!

    good luck to all!

  13. Darshan Gajara Reply

    Wow! You’re doing an awesome task Zee. Great giveaway.
    I would like this theme to be mine, at your choice obviously 😛

    • ZQ
      ZQ Reply

      Thanks Darshan for your super support. Best of luck to you.

  14. Michal B. Reply

    If I could I would use Connor Miller Theme, which I found on http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/connor-miller/ – I like colors and great responsiveness. Thank you by the way for opportunity to take a part in this giveaway.

  15. Lulu Gzz Reply

    My favorite theme for the proyect I have in mind is Pivot http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/pivot/

  16. Swapnil S Reply

    Great collection with huge and amazing variantions. I liked T-shirt theme the most.

  17. Swapnil S Reply

    Great collection with huge and amazing variations. I liked T-shirt theme the most.

  18. Harsh Malde Reply

    Hey Zee!!
    Great give away. I liked Brum Textile Company theme. Texture pattern above navigation bar is looking cool and JS animation is working awesome. Keep the great work on.


  19. A Raheja Reply

    WOW! Really amazing themes and 110 in 6 months.
    The one I liked is Softzone – http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/softzone

  20. Kerryanne Reply

    In for the win 🙂

  21. Rascol Radu Reply

    My favourite theme is DMJ – http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/dmj/

  22. hazem tamimi Reply

    Thanks a lot for this nice offer!
    Wish you the best.

  23. Tate Reply

    My fave theme is Handmade Jewelry

  24. Denice Juma Reply

    CrocoBlock is well known for its powerful WordPress themes designed for reliability, efficiency and extend-ability with a vibrant support community that provides users with key data with regards to working with the themes to provide web based solutions to clients. Keep up the good work.


  25. Martijn M Reply

    Fell in love with Cherry and CrocoBlock, have made many websites using Cherry themes. I’d love to use the Language Courses theme for a new client’s project. Seems like a great theme for a catalogue website offering books and magazines.

  26. Ethan Reply

    really its great that we can got free theme and make change in our current website also.

  27. Frode Håkonsen Reply

    Omg, so many cool themes to choose from! But I really liked Brum Textile Company http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/brum-textile-company

  28. Michael Wilson Reply

    I think Fitness (Jigoshop) is cool: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/fitness-jigoshop/

  29. Daniele Reply

    I do like the connor miller theme…and Icolector…hope to win ’em all! 😀

  30. Geoff Naylor Reply

    DMJ looks great! It would be ideal for displaying my images.

  31. JP Makinen Reply

    Great collections of themes, my favourite is one with woocommerce compatible:

  32. Joe D. Reply

    Tough choice but my favorite is Messo – clean and flexible. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Skyend Reply

    It would be so nice to get access to all those premium themes. It is gonna rock my world.

  34. Joao Reply

    Hey Zee!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  35. Lane Lester Reply

    I guess you can’t have too many themes, although when it comes time to select for a new site, you sure can spend a lot of time looking at them. Essential features for any theme I use is that it be responsive, have a good set of Theme Options for customizing, and a place for Custom CSS.

  36. Ms Charma Reply

    I’d love this theme http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/modern-church/ and would use it for some Pro Bono work I will be doing for a local church this year.

  37. Michelle Reply

    All of your themes are rad. How am I supposed to choose just one? 😛
    But I do love http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/john-smith/

  38. Alejandro Reply

    I like the IQ Exterior. I hope I win this time and be able to make the architecture website I always wanted to do and lot more of other designs

  39. Bruno Reply

    Just what i was lacking some amazing wordpress themes

  40. Marcos João Reply

    My favourite theme is Organo: http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/organo
    I’m building a perfumers store and it is great to my project. Thanks for the opportunity.
    With care,
    Marcos João

  41. Diones Reply

    my favorite is Tom James (http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/tom-james) cause it is unique

  42. Greg D Reply

    This is a great collection of themes!

  43. Jen Reply

    I love the Tom James theme!

  44. Jean Carlos Reply

    My favorite theme is Pivot http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/pivot/ but really I think the themes in general very large compared to competitors this is my honest opinion I believe smaller sizes would help not all have large monitors , hug to everyone!

  45. Chris Glotsos Reply


  46. Elias Andino Reply

    I realy like http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/computer-repair/ it’s perfect for my personal project, thanks for the oportunity, I hope I would win.

  47. Sadiq Reply

    Really nice templates you guys have.
    My fav is http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/handyman/

  48. Sandi Reply

    I loved this theme: http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/dinner-king.
    It’s colored, have great fonts!

  49. Tom Reply

    My favorite theme is the Pivot: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/pivot/

  50. Jeff Reply

    Messo hits the mark for me … K.I.S.S.

  51. moriza Reply

    Its always nice if we can trying this theme in our next project . Those theme very beautiful . Success for them

  52. Mike Killen Reply

    My favorite theme is Impresso.

    I think there’s something great about the index layout, the arrangement of the blog posts.

  53. Leroy Reply

    My favourite theme is Celebrities! http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/celebrities/

  54. Ben Reply

    I would love to try any taste theme http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/t-shirt-online-store/
    Fingers crossed

  55. Dani Reply

    What a fun way to get people even more excited about the amazing themes crocoblock offers. Definitely a great giveaway!

  56. Davide Reply

    I’ll use the “Modern Church” theme!

  57. Kalin Reply

    My favorite is Handyman. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Rizky Reply

    i love this theme http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/organo
    i hope i can win this contest 😀

  59. Pawel Reply

    Hi there, I’m here to win this super bundle:)

  60. Simon Lidholm Reply

    I really like the look of Basic: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/basic/ although there are lots of interesting themes in the bundle 🙂

  61. Dean Reply

    Looking at the Dinner King makes me so hungry for delicious food as is advertised in such a well laid out theme like that! That is when you really know the website theme is a work of art grabbing at you to look at it and get it! Well done, a very appealing theme and my favourite…by the way thanks for your great themes and service:) Regards, Dean

  62. Nuzul Nazera Reply

    This is awesome! I love all your themes very much. It will be great to have your theme on my projects. My favorite theme is T Shirt Online Store WooCommerce.

    Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  63. Pradeep Reply

    I admire who started these theme store, it can become one of the best place of wordpress themes in near future. So many choices but one that sparkled my MIND is this ZOOM theme. http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/zoom/

    Thanks for the giveaway and best wishes for your business growth and more users.

  64. Carolyn Reply

    My criteria for a new theme is that it is responsive, has drag’ n drop layout in the page editor, has custom css entry, lots of options to customize for multi-purpose. Once I find a good one I keep using it for awhile. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  65. Erico Reply

    My favorite theme is Art Decor

  66. Martin Crillesen Reply

    They are all really nice themes. I specifically like the ‘Basic’ theme though: http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/basic

  67. Carolyn Reply

    My favorite is http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/modern-church/
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  68. Samir chaiblaine Reply

    My favorite theme is Computer Hardware WooCommerce . Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  69. Samir chaiblaine Reply


  70. Vitti Reply

    Hi, I have already used your http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/handmade-jewelry-woocommerce/ theme for one of my websites. The theme is really great, thank you!

  71. Carlos Reply

    These themes are great to start business! Always there is a theme for your area! Dont give up before try one of them!!
    I love iCollector theme!

  72. kostis Reply

    My favorite theme is Metro

  73. mac Reply

    I like you themes they look classic.

  74. Adelaide Reply

    I love the Brum Textile Company theme. It is definitely extensible and reusable beyond other industries. The large collection of Crocoblock themes are professionally aesthetic! Love ’em.

  75. Eitan Reply

    My favorite theme is t-shirt-online-store


  76. Amoy Reply

    I love the Multi Web Design theme.

  77. Jeremiah Kalb Reply

    i think that the Dinner King one is awesome.

  78. Chiefomatic Reply

    So many awesome themes! If I had to choose only one, I’d say: Foreign Languages.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Colin Todd Reply

    I’ve just recently found Crocoblock and tried one of your free themes ‘Multi’ – and I’m lovin’ it!
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your competition.
    Good luck everybody 🙂

  80. David Reid Reply

    I like the look of the web hosting theme. These themes would help out my web design business loads! Good luck everyone!

  81. Ryan Reply

    Fav so far is IQ Exterior but I would love to get in there and mess with all of them!

  82. ajit Reply

    Let’s try luck

  83. Margarida Fernandes Reply

    I love all your themes. Right now I am into travelling so I would very much like to have this http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/journey-travel-agency/
    Congrats for a great work.

  84. andrea Reply

    I find this one very interesting: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/fun-surf/

  85. Attila Bús Reply

    Really nice looking themes, congratulation!
    I would use the Spare Parts theme for one of my projects:
    Keep up the good work.

  86. Hoover Reply

    Brum Textile Company just seems to be the right one for me. Thanks for the chance!

  87. Vittorio Reply

    “Dog training” is the right theme for our organization: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/dog-training/
    Thanks for your giveaway.

  88. Ashleigh Rodda Reply

    I’d love to use this one: http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/bikes-woocommerce/

  89. Lucy Dixon Reply

    I’m very taken with Crocoblock’s Funsurf theme – very attractive & flexible.

  90. neil patrick Reply

    i really like all the template but the one catch my eye is Dinner King and IQ Exterior template simply amazing

  91. Yud Reply

    I have used the Jewelry theme for my wife’s small jewelry business and am highly impressed. It is clean, professional and simply a beautiful theme!

    Thank you for making it available.


  92. Marco Butron Reply

    I really like the balance attained with http://demo.crocoblock.com/wp-themes/computer-hardware-woocommerce-theme, it shows off the products in the store.

  93. Janice Reply

    Thanks so much for the contest! The theme that I would love to use for my next project is Restaurant. http://www.crocoblock.com/themes/restaurant/

  94. Bright Mazura Reply

    The Metro theme is pretty sweet:

  95. Geneva Reply

    These are nice themes! I have been looking to update my sites too. Hope to win.

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