Free Nokia 5 Android Smartphone Mockup in Ai & EPS Format

Technology is mounting and there is no stopping to its extravaganza. It is a fast pace life where there is an uproar of tech devices and gadgets, every now and then there is the bombardment of smartphones and every brand likes to subdue the other one surpassing their features and innovating a new style statement for their company’s smartphone. There are many phones one can choose from, from their LTE/4G services to the inner most important features, from front facing/rear camera to the smartphone space everything matters.

Some phone sets are cooler in their outlook and style while others have good features and refined technology. There are many cases when a smartphone is not being acknowledged and therefore the marketing and advertisements of it goes to waste. However a company has to look through all the modern customs to make the smartphone signify style, technology, mechanism and features.

Recently Nokia 5 is launched and it is kept into consideration, since the speculations and search of it is increasing I thought to design a mockup of Nokia 5 so all those designers who want to use it as a freebie (making a presentation out of it) for a client can totally avail it. Nokia 5 is classy, smooth, and durable having an aluminum finishing which is making it striking on the whole. The display is sharper, clearer, and it is coming along with a 13 MP ‘Autofocus’ camera.

Check out this free Nokia 5 android smartphone mockup.  Well the IOS and android tussle will never come to end, there is a majority who does not like to switch to android version of sets because it does not offer them the convenience which is highlighted by premium iOS however there are still people who love to play with their easygoing, user-friendly, simplest android handsets.

In which category you fall? Do let us know, and we will love to serve you with more amazing design feed in future as well, our aim is to put forward classic design freebies so nobody would feel abandon on this platform. Here we go!

Free Nokia 5 Android Smartphone Mockup in Ai Format


Available Format: Illustrator Ai & EPS
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Includes: Mockup Ai file, EPS & Preview file
File Format: Zip
Mock-up Resolution: Vector Based Mock-up

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Free Nokia 5 Mockup 




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