Free Flat Touch Screen iPad & iPhone Mockup | Ai & Eps File

Every now and then we get to know that a new gadget/device or a cellphone is born in the world of technology that makes itself different from the rest by its smart features, new & improved performance and better quality. This world has become way too techno, we see geeks are always up to buying new technology gadgets to show off and brag about their status. People now ridicule others if they find someone using an older version of a device.

This is all now a demand of time, especially in the teenage mania, gadgets and devices are must-have, one can’t do without them, one can’t breathe without them and one feel empty without having these necessities. Live up to the demands of the time so you don’t get trapped in old and stereotypical stuff, give a change to yourself, from trends, fashion to the gadgets you use.

Apple has a big name, it is a brand which shows its lavish services and offers quality to its users, other top brands are running in the rat race to keep pace with Apple gadgets and today one can’t hold himself off buying its new and upgraded versions of devices. Each time the owners and manufacturers bring out something phenomenal and unbeatable device that is master of everything and that’s what we expect from them.

Apple has elevated the standard of technology, it brings out the best of everything ever imagined or implemented. Each one of us is having Apple fever these days, isn’t?

Of course Apple never compromises on its excellence and upholds its inventiveness in every of Apple gadget.

Today I’m bringing before you free flat touch screen iPhone & iPad Mock-up in Ai & Eps format. This can be used in personal projects you are currently working on; also you can implement it in commercial projects after permission. Gear up for more Apple divergences in future years; keep your fingers crossed for Apple iPhone 6 way ahead! Have a look!

Free Flat Touch Screen iPad & iPhone Mockup | Ai & Eps File


Format: Illustrator Ai, EPS
License: Free for personal & presentation use only (Link back is required)
Note: You are not allowed to upload freebies from with prior permission.

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  1. Hey Zee,

    I agree, Apple is still dominating the market, pretty hard. I was reading, and kept wondering; what kind of a smartphone do you yourself use? Are you under the spell of Apple as well?

    I have tried making Apple work for me so many times, but I always return to the Samsung Galaxy editions 🙂 Sorry for the little off-topic, just got a little sentimental there.

    I’m quite pleased with the result of this mockup, will be adding this to my bookmark collection for future reference, thanks so much! 🙂

    – Shawn

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